Fool, I Can See You

by Frank

I had the opportunity to teach some young adults at vacation bible school the difference between living in darkness and in light. We discussed how people who do evil or bad things prefer to do them when the sun is down. There is something eerie about the cover of darkness. No one wants to be seen doing their dirt.

At least that is what I thought. In this new day an age in which we live in people are so bold that they will do some of the most ridiculous things even while people are watching. Even when children are present.


Just the other day I was strolling through the neighborhood and by strolling I mean driving, when I saw something you would not believe. There was a grown woman out shopping with the most obvious parts of her body hanging out. She was rated R, not PG. 

Now, I do know it is hot outside with this whole east coast heat wave but come on. There are children out here. There is being cool and there is being, in the words of my sister in law, trifling. Keep that mess at home.

If I was to describe what I observed it would remind you of The Thong Song music video back when Sisqo was hot. Except the slender, young, attractive ladies would be replaced with one girl with a “good personality” and three small children with her. Some things are better left unnoticed. To top it all off she clearly had dropped something important and she felt a sudden urge in the middle of where she was to bend over and pick it up.  🙁


Who am I to judge? So what her attire was very, very, provocative. At least she had the boldness to step out, unwisely, to show the world what shes’ got. She had nothing to hide. Although, if it was up to me I would say she has a lot to hide. There was no pretending with her. What you see is what you get.

What about you?


I constantly walk around proudly telling people I am a Christian. The challenge I have for myself is trying to be able to prove it with my actions instead of with my words. I can say I am a great Dad but if I neglect my son would it be true? It’s is time to prove our life with our actions. 

There are people watching you.

If you claim to be the outgoing, loving, and tender type of person you can’t go cursing people out you don’t agree with. If you claim you are hard working you can’t sit at your desk with your head in your hands. If you claim you have what it takes to reach the next level… It’s time to prove it with your works..

Talk is cheap.

Make your actions speak louder than your words.

What do your actions say about you?