From The Streets To The Palace

by Frank

Movie reel

I don’t know if it is just me but I swear Disney has some awesome music producers. I was watching Aladdin with my son and this movie is full of hits. “You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me”, “A Whole New World”, lyrical genius. Come on man it can’t get better than that. Add on an inspiring story about coming from rags to riches and you have…. well an entertaining story with songs. I am feeling a little lax in my descriptions.

In all of the fun and excitement, there are some really good lessons to be learned from Aladdin’s trails. First, it is really advantageous to train a monkey to steal. Two, stealing is okay if you are really hungry. And finally, all of your problems will be solved by rubbing a magic lamp and hoodwinking a genie for free wishes. Great moral lessons huh?

No, but really Aladdin’s story is one of inspiration that if you keep doing the right things good things can happen. Also it demonstrates the value of telling the truth. So in conclusion what I learned from Aladdin was if you want to go from the streets to the palace…

You better find a lamp. 🙂

What? Aladdin didn’t have a job. All he did was sing and dance.

Have some fun! Life is too short.