Get Out! You Don’t Belong There

by Frank

Jasmine is awakened by the sound of her cell phone hitting the floor. It was set to vibrate anytime she received a text message. She frantically dives out of the bed awaking her boyfriend of 3 months who tries to gauge what’s wrong. She picks up the phone to see a text that reads, “Its 9:30, where are you?” She grabs her clothes off the floor and frantically speeds home to get back to her husband and kids.

Mike scored 27 points and was the MVP in the final game of the season against a rival high school. Two hours later, like always, Mike’s vision is blurry. His heart is racing. It feels like there is electricity running through his veins. The room is spinning around him and every step he takes feels like he is being elevated higher and higher from the ground. Unfortunately, his flight is cancelled as police burst through the doors of a party he was attending and he is caught with cocaine dust around his nose.

Lacy, a talented violinist, was cleaning out the storage unit at an apartment that she shares with her boyfriend. While cleaning, she sees out of the corner of her eye the case that stores her violin that she hadn’t played in years. She slowly wipes away the thick dust that covers the case and puts the violin to her chin. Before she could strike a cord, she hears the voice of her boyfriend screaming for her to bring her @#% back up stairs. She puts on her sunglasses to cover her black eye and quickly runs up to the fourth floor to return to her abusive boyfriend who she chose over her dreams.

Stuck in a Bad Situation

This may not be your exact story but we all have at some point in our lives been stuck in some sort of bad situation. These are extreme but a bad situation can be overwhelming debt, a lack of self confidence, or a job beneath your talents. The list could go on and on. However, the thing that all three of these stories have in common is the fact that they are a matter of choice not of circumstance. The wife and mother didn’t have to cheat on her husband. The star athlete didn’t have to use drugs. The musician didn’t have to go looking for love in the wrong places. It was their decisions that got them in their circumstances.

The good news is circumstances aren’t permanent. Circumstances are just an event that causes something to happen rather good or bad. From the outside looking in, we can clearly see that something is not right with the circumstances these people are facing. Jasmine is cheating, Mike is on drugs and Lacy is getting abused. However, some of us are stuck in bad situations and just don’t have the vision (wisdom) to notice we are out of place.

Recognizing You Are Out of Place

Have you ever been somewhere and immediately felt out of place? How did you feel? What did you do? Did the feelings ever go away before you left?

Well those same feelings apply to every bad situation or challenge in your life. When you are in a place in life where you don’t belong you can feel it. Your behavior becomes frantic and you do things out of character. When you are alone you are constantly disappointed in yourself. Seeing others do well frustrates you. Especially if they are gifted in the same area where you should excel. You always feel empty and have an unquenchable thirst for more but lack the ability to go and get it.

But it doesn’t just stop based on how you feel. If you open your eyes, you are not comfortable with your surroundings. The people who you spend your time with even shocks you. You know your life would be better off without the friend who pulls you in the wrong direction but they get the most of your time. You stare into empty spaces day dreaming about the life you want to have.

The truth of the matter is you are uncomfortable for a reason…


The Breaking Point

Getting free from a bad situation is not a complicated task where you need a team of individuals to come and help you put your life back together. I tell my son every day, if you are man enough to make a mess, you are man enough to clean it up. Getting out of your situation is a matter of making a decision to change your circumstances. If you don’t make a choice to leave this place that has done nothing but cause pain, hurt, shame, fear, or denial be prepared to die there.

If Jasmine doesn’t get out of her boyfriends bed and go work on her marriage, she may lose her family, the respect of her peers, and start a ripple effect that changes the lives of her children. If Mike doesn’t let go of drugs, it could lead to a life of stealing to get money to support his habit. He could lose his abilities to play basketball as the drugs effects his breathing and deteriorates his mind. If Lacy doesn’t escape her relationship…

People open your eyes and look at where you really are. Do you think that you were destined to live like this? Living miserable and unhappy is not suppose to be a permanent state of being. We aren’t meant to be trapped by the expectations of others and the fear of inadequacy. We should never be comfortable settling with a mundane and purposeless existence. The stuff we are made of entitles us to thrive in a world where many are struggling to survive.

Enough is enough. GET OUT!!


It’s Moving Day

Today, I brought you some moving supplies. I have boxes, tape, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and heck I even hired a moving crew. You are not allowed to stay where you are any longer. Come on, I mean it, let’s go get your stuff. I’m not playing. Either you get up or I will start to pack it for you. YOU DON’T BELONG THERE!

In the boxes we will place what remains. Jasmine is packing up her marriage. It doesn’t belong at her boyfriends house. Mike is packing up his basketballs. They don’t belong in the same place where drugs are. Lacy is packing up…everything. It’s time for her to move on. What are you putting in your boxes?

With the tape we will seal up every crease so that nothing is lost. Nothing escapes. Under no circumstances will Jasmine’s marriage be misplaced in another man’s arms. Mike dream of playing professional basketball is something he never wants to lose again, so he packs it securely. Lacy doesn’t want to drop anything that would give her a reason to return. What will keep what remains in tact in your life?

The moving company represents the right people in your life who will help you lighten your load. This can be friends, family, co-workers or anyone who wants what’s best for you and refuse to leave you alone to die. Who do you have in your life who will help you move?

I challenge you to look at your life and in every situation where you recognize you are out of place, GET OUT! Life is too short to waste time on things that don’t really matter. It’s time to start making the right decisions to change your circumstances forever. I know you can do it.