Get These Chains Off of Me!

by Frank

the past is the past: chainsSlowly from behind the darkness of my closed eyelids did I awaken to an unfamiliar sight. I gradually lift my arms from my lower waist to eye level just to notice that my hands have been bound together by forged steel and chains connect me to the person in front and behind me. My mobility is limited and my movements are restricted to just the few inches that surround me. I am not free to go where I want but only where they take me. I’m shackled, bound, demoralized, defeated, and restrained.

How did I get here?

I made the wrong decision. Not just once but all throughout my life. I made my decisions without the thought of future consequences. I amassed over my life time a collection of broken hearts, shattered dreams, and robbed the vision of others with my negativity. The chains that I bear represent the weight of my failures, my errors, my shortcomings, and my inadequacies. Now everywhere I go I drag around with me the burden of my past indiscretions.

The Pain

The chains were a constant visual reminder of what was wrong in my life and to hide from the pain I closed my eyes only to be tormented by the sound of the links being dragged and pinged together. There was no escape. The wrists, once used to orchestrate and create are now dry, callus, and weak from carrying the weight of the steel. I am a prisoner of my past. My “history” controlled my future.


Yes, I made some mistakes a lot of them but who hasn’t. Life is messy and it is going on without me and I refuse to sit here and miss out. The past is the past. I refuse to die here. Then the impossible happened. With every step I took a link fell off.  First fear, then doubt, followed by disappointment, shadowed by errors in judgment and trailed by the forgiveness of others. After a while there were no links left on my chain only the bracelets that surrounded my wrists and ankles. Then the guard gave me the key. I’m FREE.


You can’t change your past. The pain, frustration, doubt, fear, and mistakes you are carrying around with you are holding you prisoner. Today has been given to you to take control and change your life. Complaining won’t loose the chains. Quitting won’t help you escape from bondage. In order to break free from captivity you have to be willing and ready to accept change in your life. I guarantee you can find peace. You just have to know where to look for it.

I don’t know about you but I say, “Get these chains off of me!

Do you want to be set free?