What Grade Are You In Daddy?

by Frank

question mark

Have you ever really listened to the questions your kids ask you?

My son has to be the most curious kid in the world. If he sees anything that he is not familiar with he will ask you about a million questions until he does. Not only will he continue to ask question, after question, after question but then he will re-explain it back to you all while saying, “Guess what,” about a million times to make sure you are paying attention. 

Well his recent curiosity was so profound that I had to stop and ask my self the same question he just asked me. Stay tuned I will fill you in later.


My son is on pace to be one of the smartest men in the world. Yes, I know I am a little bias since he is my son. But the main reason I believe it to be true is the way that my wife and I teach him. We constantly involve him in things that are purposefully challenging in order for him to improve. As an example he is in kindergarten but he can already read at a 1st grade reading level. He is in the accelerated reading program at his school. 

In this program he is given a new book to read every night and is tested on his comprehension and understanding the next day. Well why stop there. My wife and I also get him several books from the library that he reads daily and we make flash cards on the words he struggles with to make sure he etches them into his vocabulary. We are nuts! Now before you go and start telling me I am pushing my son too hard I just want you to know that we are in an extremely competitive school district where children flunk kindergarten. Yes kindergarten.

Not only is he reading daily but he also is working on addition and writing complete sentences with punctuation. Oddly with all of the work we give him he is always ahead of the curve and completes whatever we ask of him with just a little bit of encouragement.


Just the other day we were riding in the car leaving Karate class and he asked me, “Why do I have so much work to do?” I explained the reason why about the progression from one grade to another. Then he asked me, “When I graduate from high school what’s next.” I jumped right into the college discussion which he sucked up like a sponge. Confidently he asked me, “After I graduate from college I don’t have to learn anymore, right?”

I then told him that education was a life long journey. You know that speech that we all have heard from our parents.

His next two questions where like a punch in the face.

“I do a lot of work to get smart but why do you spend so much time watching TV? Don’t you want to be better? What grade are you in Daddy?”


For some odd reason as I have gotten older I have not spent a lot of time educating myself. I can honestly say that the things I used to know I don’t know anymore. I have become complacent. I have stopped progressing myself on an intellectual level. I spend most of my days going through the motions and not getting better but staying stagnant. I have been repeating the same grade for much to long.

Now don’t get me wrong there are several things that I have improved in my life over time. Although, as I reflect on some of my current challenges, rather it be professionally or personally, I have not been doing my homework and it has cost me some valuable time. Now I have to repeat this grade all over again.

My son taught me that learning is a life long process that needs to be taken seriously. Who knew a few questions from a five year would change my life so dramatically?

If you aren’t getting better the odds say you might be getting worse.

What grade are you in?