He is Just Like Me

by Frank

I believe on of the most challenging and exciting things that I may ever do in my life is parenting. In my short stint as a dad I have learned so much about myself from watching my son grow. Most of the things I have learned have not been positive but they are lessons none the less. So, with that in mind I thought, why not share some of my experiences with the world. They will be educational and entertaining.

This week the writers of A Spark Starts will be sharing our inspirational stories and experiences of what we have learned from being parents.


My son and I are exactly alike. We look alike. We like the same type of music. We play the same type of games. He has my exact attitude and personality and not by nurture but by nature. Therefore we are like oil and water, we don’t mix. I know you are probably thinking if he is just like me then we should be like best of buds. Stay tuned the answer to that thought is a part of my revelation.

For the most part the time we spend together is full of fun and excitement. We like sports so we naturally play a lot of them. When mom is not around we dive on the couches, set up chair obstacle courses and run football routes right through our very own living room. We have a blast.


My wife works a lot during the evenings so I do a whole lot of cooking. A lot more than I should be allowed to do. Let’s just say before she went to her evening shift my greatest meal accomplishment was boiling an egg and I think the pot did most of the work. Well this evening I had thrown down.

I made salmon with a brown sugar and honey glaze, rice, and steamed broccoli. And guess what? The house didn’t burn down while I was cooking it. I was so excited that the food was edible that I nearly dropped my plate on the floor after I tasted my fish. Of course my son looked at it like it was a plate of garbage. Who knew that 5 year olds didn’t like fish? I didn’t see that in the instruction manual I got when he was born.

As you have probably guessed already, he didn’t eat a bite. So to teach him a lesson I gave him the what we call the “Beast” treatment. “If he doesn’t eat with me then he doesn’t eat at all.” Clearly I forgot how I behave when I am hungry. Now before you alert the authorities I was going to give him something else to eat I just wanted him to at least take a bite of it before he said he didn’t like it. I had something else already prepared just in case.

Only five minutes had passed since I gave him the “Beast” treatment and he went nuts. He started crying saying that I was the worst dad ever. He told me my food looked like something out of the garbage. He went ballistic. I had never seen him act that way. I couldn’t help but laugh.

To be continued Wednesday…….