Hidden in a Book

by Jermaine

The answer to our problems are hidden in plain sight

Depending on who you are, and what station of life you’re in, there are a lot of things you can do with a book. Think about some of the memorable crimes involving books. I’ve read about a girlfriend stashing heroin in a book to sneak into prison. I’ve read about a knife found in the book of a passenger trying to get on a plane in Detroit. Even a story about a sociologist, Eduardo Mondlane, who was killed by a book-bomb back in the late seventies.

All that being said, books are written to be read. Do you know what the #1 bestselling book of all time is? It is the Bible. Number two, The Little Red Book, is a very, very distant second. So why it is I can find the same Bible on the least read books of all times list as well? What is it about the Bible that makes individuals from every walk of life go out and buy it but never take the time to read it? Do we think just by owning it or being near it that we will learn from it?

Sends my mind to another chapter of my life.

In school the first thing you get for each class was the list of books you needed to purchase. Before you went to class, before you got a syllabus, before you even met your professor face to face they made sure you knew what books you had to buy. They went out of their way to make sure you knew weeks in advance. Strangely enough I can remember at the end of a lot of those classes reselling those same books for pennies on the dollar to the campus book store.

The class was over but a lot of my books could pass as brand new!  Oh yes, I spent four solid years in undergraduate college and I must admit that I tried the “learning by osmosis” theory a couple of times. Turns out sleeping on my book didn’t do much for me other than give me a stiff neck and a rough night of sleep. So, eventually, I started reading the books which led to me doing better in my classes

Maybe it is time for the 280 million+ people in our country who proclaim themselves to be Christians to dust all those old Bibles off and start reading. The answers to a lot of our reoccurring societal problems may already be on a shelf, under a desk, or in the back window of our car. We own the answers and cannot seem to find them hidden in plain sight. If we want to pass the “test of life” we need to study the text book.

More addictive than heroin, sharper than a knife, and more explosive than a bomb… the actually Bible has the ability to change anyone who embraces its content. Try it for yourself.