Is Your Home Happy?

by Frank


Photo by Filomena Scalise


Some time last year I was having an extremely difficult time maintaining my motivation at work. The job became boring and repetitive and I just couldn’t find the energy to push through and do what needed to be done. Well as a result of my lack of motivation my performance slipped and I missed out on some financial benefits that could have made my life a lot easier.

Frustrated with my situation I would come home angry. I would spend hour upon hour complaining about how much I didn’t like this and I didn’t like that. I would complain from the moment I got home all the way until I was driving back to the work the next day. To make matters worse because of the opportunity I missed I now had to work overtime to make up the difference in pay that I was expecting.


Monday through Saturday I was working. I mean working. I worked 13 hour days, 10 hour days, and 14 hour days. I can remember a day where I got about 2 hours of sleep and got up and went right back to work. I was miserable and so was my family. What good is working overtime if you don’t have an opportunity to spend the money?


One day, in all of my frustration, I ignored my wife and went to bed without saying a word to her about my day.

I was not allowed to work overtime for a month. 🙂 

What was odd is even though I didn’t have as much money as I would like to have had, we made due. All of the bills were paid. The lights stayed on. We ate dinner together every night and oddly the more time I spent with my family the happier I became.

I went to the park with my son and watched him interact with other children. I had a conversation with my wife that renewed and inspired me. I connected with old friends and new acquaintances. I invested my time with the people I loved and it completely changed my life.


Now when I get burnt out and overwhelmed, I read my son a book. When my heart is heavy and I am confused, my brother in laws drop in with words of encouragement. When I am home sick, my mother tells me to do what is best and provide for my family. When I am bored, my sister calls and tells me a funny story. When I am lost my wife shows me the way home and I am so grateful for it.

I promise you this, the best investment I have ever made was not Apple, it was not Google, it is my family, immediate and extended.

If you want to invest in yourself, watch yourself grow and mature into the best person you can be, I dare you to spend some time with the people you love. Nothing else matters.

Is your home happy?

If not, you are not appropriately allocated in your portfolio. Overweight the home sector. It will change your life.

It has changed mine.