Hostile Takeover!

by Frank

black globeI did it. It took some mild begging, constant emails, and bribes but I have landed a guest post on Discovering Purpose. Ayo, my latest victim, has helped me further my world domination scheme. With all of my mind control techniques, I convinced Ayo that I had superior writing skills and the ability to inspire the masses.

Now it is up to you to determine if I made a valid sales pitch. For a moment I am king of Discovering Purpose and I triple double dog dare you to read what I put together.

Here’s a teaser to wet you appetite.

Being battered by ferocious waves and turbulent seas, the sailors are slowly starting to give up hope as the sun disappears and the moonlight fails to appear through the storm clouds. All they can see is dark waters and hear the sounds of the waves violently hitting the hull of the ship. The swaying of the boat, being rocked forcefully from side to side, is what lets them know they are still in motion. With no sense of direction, because of a broken compass, and no visibility to guide them, the feeling of extreme helplessness consumes each person aboard the wayward vessel. (Read more)

I am telling you it is one you don’t want to miss this one.  Go on you know you want to read it. Check out my latest short story of inspiration, The Lighthouse, on Discovering Purpose. I’ll see you there.