How to Change the World?

by Frank

Drop of water

Photo by Mario Kaufmann

The planet in which we live on is full of billions of people. There are people of all different races, nationalities, cultures, and religions who co-exist, some peacefully and others with malice and hate in their heart, to make up the unique environment and place we call home.

Although I like to believe that my lone actions have the power to change the world, I have realized they are just a drop of water in the vast ocean of life. My drop, though meaningful, might make a small ripple but I want to make waves.  I want to make waves of change, waves of encouragement, and waves of endless possibilities that resonate and connect with the very people who desperately need them.

What do I mean? I want to improve the world. There is something that I have to give. There is information that I have that can change your life. There is a person I know that I have to introduce to everyone but all I am is a “drop.” The good news is I am not alone. I have found out a great secret that will change the way I operate while I am still breathing on this planet. If you want to make the world a better place, if you want to change the hearts and minds of people to do more and to be more, and if you dare to be a person that demands the best for yourself and future generations I have a great tip for you.


This week the writers of A Spark Starts will be sharing with you stories of enlightenment, encouragement and challenging you to become a servant by telling you of the benefits of building a community of change.

To change the world we have to learn to combine our “drop” with the “drops” of others and create one big splash to make waves. You are in for a treat.