How to Scream Silently

by Frank

Young Man Screaming

Photo by Ian Kahn

I know when you first read this title you thought I had lost my mind. What is funny is I felt the exact same way when I was writing it. So before I dive into the art of screaming silently I better take a moment and define what it is. Screaming silently is a way to display your frustration subtlety with your actions in hopes of changing the behavior of the party that has offended you.

This is best used on people who a direct confrontation, like your boss or your grandmother, would have extremely negative consequences.

These are people who you just don’t want to wisely scream at but they still have made you mad enough that you want to voice your opinion. Now, from my own personal experience I will say that going up to your mother and calling her a liar is not the best way to scream silently. Nor do I recommend telling your grandmother to shut up and sit down.

These are not the type of actions that will keep you around to watch your children, pets, or plants grow old. Luckily, I was blessed with wisdom at a young age and I am still here today to share this story.

So here is how you do it.

1. Recognize what made you angry? Are you really a bad cook?

2. Examine yourself to determine if this is an area you need to improve in. The half boiled noodles say yes.

3. Focus on improving this skill. Read books, take a seminar, and watch movies to gain insight and improve.

4. Build credibility in your area of perceived weakness. Create a network of people who can vouch for your expertise in this area by sharing tips or teaching the skill to someone else in your circle.

5. Find an opportunity to display what you have learned or already knew in a group setting.

6. Execute consistent behaviors that strongly display your ability to do the perceived shortcoming without saying a word.

So instead of getting angry and screaming at your mother, telling her you CAN cook, take the same amount of energy and prove it with your actions. This formula works for several different scenarios. Input the lack of management skills, focus, drive, or whatever the perceived shortcoming is and you will see it still helps to scream silently.

PS: Try not to burn the chicken at the family BBQ after you invite everyone out to show off your cooking skills.

I’m curious of what you guys think. Is this a good way to avoid an explosive confrontation and still get your point across?

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