Understanding the Negative Personality Traits: Hurry Up!

by Frank

As much as I would like to lead you to believe that I am perfect, I have come to the harsh conclusion that I am far from it. Previously, I wrote about my best personality trait, which is my sense of humor. Today, I will share with you my worst.


My lovely wife, in all of her wondrous beauty and glory, loves to take her sweet, sweet, sweet, time when ordering food in the drive through. I mean the entire time we are waiting to place our order I am constantly asking her, nicely, “What do you want?” It is not until we get to the speaker and I have ordered my food that she finally takes a look at the menu.

This is never just a quick glance either. She slowly compares each and every meal selection to determine what she may be drawn to using her sophisticated pallet to guide her. I mean goodness she has had 15 minutes to decide while we were waiting and now when it is time to perform she becomes an accountant, analysing everything. It drives me nuts.  :- (

So, what do you think I do? I get angry. I start to breathe loudly; you know the loud sigh when somebody does something that is getting on your nerves. I began making really sarcastic statements like, “I am so glad we went through the drive through to save us time.” I am a mess. Better yet…


Every thing that I do I do in a hurry. I am the type of person that believes it shouldn’t take 60 seconds to make minute rice. I believe there’s always a way to do things more efficiently. Why waste time carefully calculating the risks before doing things? What is the use? I say just get in there and get it over with. That has never worked to my advantage by the way.


I never really understood how this part of my personality affected my life until someone I respect and love brought it to my attention. This part of my personality was toxic. It wasn’t until I actively tried to change this aspect of my personality that I really understood the benefits. By learning to take my time and appropriately take calculated risks I have expanded my responsibilities as a husband, father and employee. There were so many things I had missed out on because I was in too much of a rush to see them.

So, here is my challenge to you. You know where your shortcomings are. Maybe you have a really bad temper. Maybe you give up whenever a challenge comes your way. Whatever is keeping you from expanding and improving I dare you to take it on full throttle.

It’s time to recognize the issues our personalities present and get rid of the one that don’t fit into what we want to become.

What does your (negative) personality say about you?