I Will Kill You…

by Frank


Photo by Floating Lemons


Man, last week was a really challenging week. I don’t know if there was a bulls-eye on my back or a kick me sign that I just can’t see but it seems like I was under attack. 


Maybe I said something to that person that offended them. I must have stolen food from their baby’s mouth that’s why they are staring at me as I am trying to finish my lunch. This hallway, though large enough for us to both walk through, clearly is designated just for you so let me move out of your way as you bump me gradually with intent.

Sure, I don’t mind you under-cooking my food and overcharging me for it. I don’t even mind that you can’t make eye contact as I give you my HARD earned money while you hand me this garbage you call fast food. Clearly, I am driving too slow even though the sign with the speed limit and my speedometer say the same thing. Your finger is just to remind me how much you care for my driving behaviors.


In-spite of all of the antics of last week for some reason I just can’t stop smiling. It is so funny how the troubles of this life try to steal your joy. It would be a waste of time and energy to be angry at the people who offended me. All I would do is ruin someone else’s day like these people tried to do to mine. So bump me and I’ll say excuse me. Stare at me and I’ll smile and say hello. Flip me off and I’ll pray for you. Give me nasty food and I’ll return that mess. 🙂 Bless me and I’ll bless you.

This joy I have the world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away...


I dare you in-spite of all the mess that life throws at you to keep walking and keep smiling. I guarantee you will make your day a little bit brighter and you just might show somebody the way out of a dark situation with the way you shine.