If No One Else Believes In You, I Do

by Frank

Sunrise over waterYou’re not alone. I’ve been there. There was a time where someone told me I couldn’t do it. I had my ideas ridiculed. I had my dreams smashed. I even lost faith in myself. In fact, I can remember a time where going to work was a struggle because I feared at any moment I could be getting walked out the door.

Having Someone Who Believes In You

However, even in spite of overwhelming feelings of inadequacy, I had someone in my corner, who vowed they would make a difference in my life. This person was someone who called me and told me everything was going to be all right. During every conversation, she built me up instead of tearing me down. She always said the right thing, at the right time, and it was always what I needed to hear.

The message was not always easy but it was always true. The crazy thing about the truth is that it sometimes hurts well beyond what one might anticipate when hearing the cliche’. But, a honest word forces one to reflect on their actions and this reflection brings forth change. This change is based on a belief that your purpose goes well beyond your perceived shortcomings.

The People Who Don’t Believe in You

Naysayers exist and they impact people from all walks of life. They might even be in the very household that you call home. It may be the mother who thinks you aren’t a good enough parent. The father who doubts your ability and doesn’t understand what you are passionate about. The competitive brother who always succeeds and ridicules you when you fail. The sister who would rather see you struggle than to take the time to help you stand. It could be the aunt who is never impressed by what you do or the uncle that never has anything positive to say.

To make matters even worse, it might be your wife who says you should stop wasting your time or your kids who don’t believe in you. But, it doesn’t stop there, you friends, co-workers, peers, church family, or neighbors can play the role of naysayer in your life.

Some people lack the ability to see beyond the tangible. They don’t have the imagination to hope for things that seem impossible. Although their vision may not be as clear as yours, or they don’t understand your purpose, I strongly believe one of the worse things that one can ever say to a person is, you can’t do it. That simple statement to me is a nail in a coffin. With those simple words, people destroy character, dissolve self esteem, and turn what used to be a dream into a nightmare.

I Believe in You

I know of those very words all too well and the feelings that are associated when someone says them to you. They are demoralizing. I know what it feels like to be in the fight for your life and look back and there is no one in your corner. I know how it feels to be trapped on an island separated from your hopes and dreams and others vow to keep pulling or pushing you farther away. That is the very reason I decided to write this article. The good news is:

I’m in your corner.
I got your back.
I believe that you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to.

You may not be the best on your job right now but I know you can do what it takes to do better. I know the relationship you had failed and you feel like you can’t go on but I refuse to let you give up. Maybe the kids are out of control and refuse to listen but you are going to become the parent that raises your children in the way they should go. I know playing the role of mom and dad is tough, especially while working 2 jobs just to keep food on the table but you have what it takes to survive and thrive. If your underemployed or unemployed, you have what it takes to find your career and not just another job.

Don’t let naysayers force you to settle when you are entitled to more. Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you from chasing your dreams. Don’t ever lose faith in your ability. You can never give up and I refuse to let you. I’m the guy that is going to tell you the truth and over the next few months you might not like me but I promise it’s for your own good.

As you go through the day and the challenges come, as they always do, remember that if no one else believes in you, I DO…

Make today great!