I’ll Quit When I’m Dead

by Frank

Never Quit with a Beating Heart

Photo by jscreationz

Why Don’t You Just Quit?

I’m sure you have heard these sayings before:
Things aren’t looking so great for the home team.
You should have quit when you were ahead.
Fade to black.
It’s a wrap.

I am going to be completely honest with you guys. Recently I have been sucker punched by life. My family is doing great. I have money in my bank account. I still have a job. So, what hit me?

A Dying Dream

I started this year with a plan. I was going to give back in a way that I have never done before. I poured my heart into a cause only to find out it was the glass pitcher connected to a blending machine. My heart was ground into pieces. I had so much to give but it seemed like nobody wanted what I had to offer.

I was overcome with the gut wrenching feelings of failure and inadequacy. Nothing seemed to soothe the open wound in my chest. My heart was broken. I would have preferred the flu, a cold, or a headache at least for those there is a remedy. Instead I am stuck needing an operation to put back the pieces of what remains before I give up.

What is sad is that I am not the only one feeling the effects. The atmosphere that was once full of optimism and hope is returning to a mundane state of carelessness. We are slowly slipping back into a comfort zone where the norm is to go with the same old routine that got us nowhere in the past. Week after week went by with no progress and you could see on the faces of the people that we were on life support.

Is My Hope Really Dead?

As in my mind I visualized this project taking its last breath and ending a pointless existence I realized that through its potential death there was a chance for a re-birth. It wasn’t until I hit the bottom that I learned to appreciate the journey to the top. The main problem was I realized this a moment too late. It died. My heart couldn’t survive in pieces.

Then something amazing happened. I received a jolt directly to my nervous system from an EKG machine.


My broken heart started to slowly beat again.


The impossible seemed possible.


Deflated lungs were filled with air.


Failure was no longer an option.


Weak arms gradually regained strength.

Finally, I was able to sustain on my own and now I am in rehab with new determination, a new focus, and a fresh chance to do things bigger, better, with more faith and a renewed sense of purpose.

Never Quit!

I could have easily given up. I clearly wasn’t as prepared as I imagined I would be. My unrealistic expectations nearly “killed” me. I had taken my “last breath.”

The challenges we face have a purpose. There is something that I needed to learn and I think it was a simple as never ever quit.

So, for anyone who feels like they are on their very “last breath” I have a simple and powerful statement that will change your life.


I don’t care how dire the circumstances may seem. It is not over yet. Never quit. You have been given a fresh start. So give up if you want to. That would be your loss.

As for me I’ll quit when I’m dead. I’m about to change the world.