I’m Better Because of You

by Frank


Many people who walk this earth evaluate their self worth based upon how many material things they can ascertain. It is a game where whoever has the most stuff before they die wins. If my house is bigger than your house then, I win. If my car is better than your car, I win. If I have a higher paying job than you do, I win. Luckily, I don’t play by those rules because if I did…

 I lose.

Many people confuse the value of their net-worth with their self-worth. Well there is a difference, a huge difference. If I valued myself based upon the material things I have then I would be on suicide watch. Luckily, I am rich with experiences, abundant with wisdom, and have an overflow of humility. That alone gives me the strength to stand through some of the storms life throws at me. But, what gives me the power to propel forward against the devastating winds of a hurricane?


My greatest asset, other than my faith in God, is my family rather immediate or extended. So I am thankful for them in all of their glorious imperfections. I love my wife and her brutal honesty that keeps me humble. I love my son whose personality is so similar to my own that we clash like Superman and Lux Luther. I love my brother in law, Jermaine, whose attention to detail always makes me consider my decisions from every possible angle.

Family is what I am thankful for.  Mom I thank you for all of the financial support when things were looking bleak. Taneesha I thank you for the butt beatings you gave me when we were kids. You kept me out of a lot of trouble. Dad I thank you for giving me a dream to do it on my own. Your passion for entrepreneurship and determination to never give up on a dream has stuck with me.


I dare each and every one of you to take some time and share with the people you love why you are thankful they are a part of your life. I promise that the joy it will bring them will change your life.

Who are you thankful for?