I’m Building A Monument

by Frank


Photo by Flexico, Inc

With each and every obstacle we conquer we are filled with an immediate feeling of gratitude and success. For a moment life is easy. There are no cares or concerns that burden your heart at this joyful period in time. Life seems perfect. But as life goes on the very victory we celebrated becomes a distant memory and we become overwhelmed by our current predicaments.

About 12 years ago a close friend of mine nearly lost his life in an accident. This incident caused him to break several bones, puncture a lung, and just escape from the threat of paralysis by centimeters. Since he is still here walking the planet he has learned to celebrate the day his life was spared. Just last Sunday he celebrated the anniversary of that day. He built a personal monument.

In a good book I have been reading there are several instances of a single person or a group of people building monuments to celebrate something they were delivered from. It was a way to help them never to forget what they had been through. After some deep reflecting I was excited about the prospect of adding this practice unto my own life.It was hard to understand why I didn’t already do this myself.

Think about your life and remember those moments that you said you would never forget. The day you got married. The day your child took his first step. The day you graduated from college. These are not the moments I am talking about.

I am talking about the day that the impossible happened. The day that you walked away from a deadly accident. The day that cancer disappeared from a loved ones body.  The day you were given the job you were not qualified for. The day you started your own website when people were telling you it could never be done.

Use these days and brick by brick build a monument that will stand tall and motivate you to keep going every time you see it. It can be a day like an anniversary. It can be a item, a toy, a statue, or whatever will help you remember what you have been through and where you are headed to.

I’m building a monument. How about you?

Do you think building a monument will help you stay encouraged through a current predicament? Share your thoughts below.