I’m Giving It All

by Frank

I am excited.

I am exhausted.

I am nervous.

I am changing.

Today is a new and encouraging day. Today is the day that I have committed to sacrifice my time, energy, and effort to a cause that is greater than me. Starting in 2011 our church will be branching out into new territory in hopes of drastically changing a community and improving the lives of the people in it.

In the past I have sat on the sidelines and watched the labor of my peers but now I am stomping my foot on the gas and going full throttle. Therefore, my time is not mine, my money is not mine, my life is not mine. I am giving it all.

So excuse me if I am absent from the┬áset because I have a great work to do. Excuse me if I don’t write as much, don’t tweet as much, don’t comment as much, I have a great work to do.

There is nothing like having a purpose.

I am so excited about the future because the prospects are so promising. I can tell you this I am giving 250%. I’m giving it all.

Find your purpose. Commit to it. Give it your all.

Have a Great Weekend!!!