I’m In Hell

by Frank

The heat wave going across the east coast has allowed me to have some colorful conversations with the people I talk to at work. A simple question like how is the weather can bring about some hilarious responses. One of them inspired the title of this post.

Difficult Personal Challenges Seem To Combine

It is funny how,” when it rains it pours,” in the situations we face in life. Never have I had the experience of having one thing go wrong at a time. (If you have I would like to give you the person of the year award.) Usually I get kicked when I am down just to have another situation pick me back up to be kicked down to the ground again. I could kind of emphasize with what this lady was referring to.

Photo By Katinka Kober

Don’t Let Personal Challenges Burn You

 She had some tough situations all going on at the same time. Imagine having your house foreclosed on two days after you are diagnosed with cancer, while finding out your oldest son just died in a car accident. Talk about being kicked while you are down. This seems more like torture to me. Oddly, my optimistic, cheerful self wouldn’t allow her to let her current situations dictate her future happiness.

I asked her about her son and what kind of a man he was. He was a Christian. Just the memory of the joy he brought to others changed the entire tone of our conversation. I told her about my Aunt who is a breast cancer survivor, whose food I grew up eating and miss dearly. I love you Aunt Mary. We talked about her house that was losing value in a declining market that wouldn’t have recovered within her lifetime. We put her CURRENT life in perspective.

Don’t Let Personal Challenges Consume You

She was given a fresh start. It made me think of a story I read to my son just the other night about 3 men who were tossed into a fiery furnace for standing up for what they believed in. Although the fire was made 7 times hotter than its original temperature (that sounds more like hell to me) these 3 men stood in the fire and were not consumed. In fact when they walked out of the furnace they didn’t even smell like smoke. I don’t think I can summarize it good enough to do it justice. 

 You, no matter how bad your situation looks or feels like right now, are still here and you CAN change your future.

I don’t care about how high the temperature is rising, how close you are to your boiling point, or how much pressure is building up in your situation, I want you to remember that it has nothing on… Hell

Don’t let the situations (fire) consume you. It is time for you to consume your situations. 

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a situation that you felt like this?