I’m So Embarrassed!

by Frank

embarrassed person

Photo by Katherine Evans

Alright everyone, I have a confession to make. I let Lori from lifeforinstance.com hear about an embarrassing story about something I have done. I didn’t know she was going to post it. Alright, I did but I didn’t know so many people were going to read it. Well I didn’t feel right letting complete strangers read it without giving My A Spark Starts family a chance to check it out.

So far, it has about 65 comments. My goal is to reach about 100 before Friday. What that means is that I need you, all 11 of my subscribers, including you Jermaine, to write about 10 comments a piece. You can do it! NO EXCEPTIONS!! 🙂

I would give you a snippet of the story but what fun with that be. Go check it out for yourself. For this post I want to do something a little different. The person with the most witty comment will win a special award from yours truly, Jermaine. lol! No, this will be a personal gift from me. Bill Dorman already has a pretty hilarious one on there so give it your best shot. It might be hard to top Bill. I’ll see you on lifeforinstance.com

Are You Really Prepared? by Frank Jennings

P.S. This story is really, really embarrassing. Don’t tell anyone, OK!