In Honor of National Poetry Month

by Jermaine


What do you slave for? Misbehave for? Get dazed for days for? Lifted off the floor for? Move to the core for? Close doors for? Clean your pores for? SUFFER more for? Go through chores for?

What? Is conquering… you?


Yeah, you got a couple dollars for it, a promotion to. Health benefits; perks out the wazoo. Still, when your “dreams” knock do you feel untrue cuz you’re trapped in a “position” that’s dispositioned you? It’s hard to get “unstuck” when you’re swimming in glue.

Not pursuing the best of your self. Instead putting your confidence in job security while sacrificing your purity. Can you even remember the last time you followed your heart?

Yes, sometimes “Things Fall Apart.” But what did you build? Um hmm, you got a job… BUT IT AIN’T IN YOUR FIELD! Calling your paycheck beautiful while you’re trapped in a cubicle. My sister, my brother: those ceilings are sealed. This ain’t the path to prosperity! Do us a favor and yield.


Finding ways to vicariously live, while scarcity gives way to plenty of time you had but you wasted. Goals you got so close to that you could almost taste it. But you backed out and bated fate in an attempt to wait for love to find you while “life” was passing you by. Now at nights you cry because you realize the one you gave your body to never was in love with ALL of you. Doors you closed, sacrifices you willingly made adding stress at the base of your skull. Like locust eating away at years of your existence without ever getting full: The bull that we embrace when we are Steppin’ in the (wrong) Name of Love…


Knowing from your youth, you’re a bird that’s meant to fly. You’re a gem that’s meant to gleam. You’re a poem that’s meant to sing. You’re the type that’s meant to dream. So why do you surround yourself with cats with low-self esteem? Nothing positive to say about anything.

Applying doubt to every word of faith that comes out your mouth. Robbing you of the little confidence that you have. Spoon-feeding you the lie that mediocre is all you’ll ever get so don’t put in any effort to break trends. Sowing seeds of disruption from the moment you begin. Now tell me, is that what you call a friend?


Regardless of your conqueror, it is time to get free. The CHANGE I’m searching for begins when I start changing me. The mirror holds the answer. The true epitome. Cuz a slave ain’t a slave once you give him the key!