by Frank

Insomnia:Half Moon

Photo by moonfaceml

I can’t sleep.

At about 2:00 a.m. I heard someone creeping quietly, breathing deeply, and stalking through my house. It seems as if the person is doing their best to slip into my room with me unaware of their presence.

I am a light sleeper. As I slowly lift up my head to see the intruder I am surprised that it is my very own son creeping through the house trying to slip his way into our bed.

Happy that he is not an intruder, I can relax and check to see why my son is up at an extremely early hour. “I cant’ sleep,” stated Ian as he made himself comfortable under the cover. Before I go any further let me explain why this is not acceptable. Ian is a wild sleeper. The last time he spent the night in our bed no one slept but him.

He swings his arms wildly, kicks his feet, and moves around the entire bed even while he is sound asleep. Determined not to be a victim of his sleeping habits I convinced Ian to make his way back to his room to face his fears.

As I laid him in the bed and put the covers over him, he stared into the corner nervously. I turned my head as well to try to catch a glance of what had him so startled just to see his coat hanging on its hook. I gave Ian a kiss and made my way back to bed.

About 25 minutes later I hear a scream coming from the room. “Daddy, it moved, it moved, it moved, help me, help me, Daddy!” I run into the room to calm him down and ensure him what he saw was just a figment of his imagination. I, however, was unsuccessful. He spent the night in the bed with us.

He was terrified of something that didn’t exist. He imagined a coat monster that was there to destroy him.

Today I realized that he is not alone. In my past there have been many times where I have let my fear run me away from where I was suppose to “rest” my head. I spent a lot of time looking for the protection of something or someone I felt comfortable with.

Not only was I missing out on a great opportunity for personal growth but in the mean time I probably was making the people around me really uncomfortable, like Ian’s wild sleeping.

Ian is afraid of a coat monster. I am afraid of the possibility of failure and rejection. Apprehension has intimidated me to the point that I have become inactive. After learning by watching Ian conquer something he was afraid of, the coat monster, I am encouraged to do the same.

I don’t know what it is that is scaring, delaying, or stopping you from reaching your greatest potential.

My only question to you today is: Is what you are afraid of even real?

If not, go sleep in your own bed.