Is Change Easy?

by Frank

Over the past few months Jermaine and I have shared some stories about the changes happening in our lives and even our families lives. We have had all types of experiences and some of them has helped us grow and others have made us realize that we have a lot more work to do. As we journey through the wilderness of life it is important to understand that change is necessary for your survival. If you don’t learn to adapt, evolve and take advantage of your surroundings you might not make it our alive.

Well you are in luck because we have just what you need. Here are some great posts about change or the challenges of changing. Read them. They might just change your life.

Are you Better or Bitter? by Frank

Think about the stuff you have been through. Not the stuff, excuse me, the crap. I am talking about the mess that made you lose sleep. The mess that had you so frustrated that you thought you would kill someone. The mess that had you saying, thinking, and doing things you had no business even imagining.

Is that really necessary? by Frank

Just the other day I had the “wonderful” opportunity to go to the dentist. It had only been six months since my last appointment. The appointment prior to that was about 5 years earlier. I hate the dentist, who doesn’t? So I just didn’t go. Well shame on me.

 Hidden in a Book by Jermaine

In school the first thing you get for each class was the list of books you needed to purchase. Before you went to class, before you got a syllabus, before you even met your professor face to face they made sure you knew what books you had to buy. They went out of their way to make sure you knew weeks in advance.

The Beauty of Change by Jermaine

Most of the time my issue with the blanket is just the way it looks. It went from a bright-glowing-pink-soft-fluffy-feeling blanket to a stale-flat-pink-gritty-feeling blanket in two years of endless dragging. Normally I just shrug my shoulders and laugh at the thing but of late my daughter has had a cold.