Is It Really Worth It?

by Frank

Man reflecting

Photo by Salvatore Vuono

Each and everyday that we are alive on the Earth we are given the opportunity to make a decision that will forever effect our lives. It may start off with a simple decision like bacon or sausage but as the day progresses the decisions may become a lot more in depth and also have attached consequences. The law of cause and effect will quickly set in.

There are several ways to make the decisions that you are faced with daily. You could become a “yes” man. Jim Carey tried it and it seemed to work out well for him at the end. You could be like a close friend of mine and say “No” to everything. He doesn’t do much. Maybe you could become one of the people who takes calculated risks and weigh the possible outcomes based on either decision you make. Whatever you decide I have a simple question that if you take the time to reflect on before you make any decision will greatly enhance the outcomes.

Is it really worth it?

This very question if used in the time of a difficult, life changing, and future altering situation has innumerable benefits. The worst decisions I have ever made in my life came from the inability to rationally think about the consequences before the action.  I was so consumed by the temporary pleasure that comes along when making the wrong choice that I didn’t even consider what it would cost me. For this very reason so many of our youth are making the wrong decisions.

Would you want to go for that joyride with your drunken friend if you knew he was going to kill someone by driving the wrong way down a one way street? Are you really considering cheating on your spouse of 25 years because a young man/woman has caught your eye? Is that moment of pleasure worth destroying something you worked so hard to build? Is stealing money from the register to buy a pair of Jordans worth the 5-10 years you will spend behind bars because your employer is building a case against you?

Does running down the reputation of your co-worker and destroying another’s character make you feel better about yourself?

I don’t know what decisions that life will force you to make. They are not all as complex as the ones I have laid out in this post. Many of our decisions don’t involve us breaking the law or doing an immoral act but the question still applies. If it has the potential to change your life you need to be asking yourself this very question. The great thing is today you have been given a tool to help you make the right decision quickly and easily.

How many situations can you apply this question to in your own life?

The more I reflect on this question the more enlightened I become. I challenge you to do the same. Make the decision that will have you become an inspiration to someone else.

Is it REALLY worth it?