Is That The Best You Got?

by Frank

I hate to admit it but I like to cut corners. You know take the easy way out. I like to take the path well traveled instead of walking in the unknown. It has something to do with personal effort or energy and depending on the task at times I lack both. I mean who goes through their day giving 110% on every task at hand? Is that even humanly possible? Well surprisingly it is.

People with strong moral character consistently practice the life skill of doing their personal best. As a parent this is now a focus of my own because my son’s actions mimic that of my own. I need to attempt to set a good example. 🙂

Now to give your personal best does not mean you are an expert at everything that you do. You are not going to be anywhere close to being perfect. Doing your personal best is giving and putting everything you have into the task at hand. The “that is good enough” mindset is what I am trying to get rid of.

So how do you do it?

  • Recognize what you want to accomplish. Set goals for yourself.
  • Plan ways to improve your performance. As reassess your goals constantly.
  • Find a mentor or coach in this area and listen to and act on their suggestions.
  • Learn from your mistakes and keep pressing towards the mark.
  • Celebrate small personal milestones along the journey.

So, what does doing your Best look like?

  • Learn to go above and beyond the expectations of your peers, co-workers, boss or friends.
  • Be dedicated to the task at hand and display it openly.
  • Work HARD at whatever you are doing.
  • Refusing to quit on a task that is difficult but can be completed.

With these tips and tons and tons of practice I am confident that one day. I will get rid of the “that will do attitude.”

What do you think? Is it important to give you best in everything that you do?