Is The Job Finished?

by Jermaine

Look around your job again and see if your job is finished

I know there are countless people roaming through life with a job (notice I didn’t say career). As you’re reading this right now you might have just arrived to that same familiar seat expecting more of the same patterns to materialize today.

The good news:
You’re gainfully employed at  a time where there are a ton of people endlessly searching for a job, trying to extend their unemployment benefits, or getting re-educated because their high-paid factory position has left and will never return.

The “not so good” news:
You may be giving away the best years of your life in a loyal fashion to an employer who has no intentions of ever being loyal to you. The first chance they get to downsize, find cheaper labor, cut your benefits, or shrink your bonus (if you get one of these) they are destined to take it. Don’t get me wrong, you’re valuable… but not indispensable.

Knowing this, I ask a question more geared towards the heart and soul instead of the mind.

Is the Job FINISHED?

Yes, it IS just a job. You go there to get a check at the end of every two weeks. You don’t love what you do. You don’t make excellent money. You aren’t quickly moving up the food chain to become the next VP. I get that. Trust me, I know the feeling. But, is the job finished?

I personally don’t believe that anything happens by coincidence. Actually, if there was one word that I would banish from the english language coincidence would be it. Why? Because I’m convinced that everything happens for a reason. With that being said, “why are you at this job?” Odviously you’re not at the job to become the CEO. There is a good chance you’re not just there to “get by” financially for a couple more years. So what is your purpose? Why here? Why now? Why you?

How about that co-worker who’s going through the toughest time they’ve faced in their life (lost love one, personal health issues, marriage problems, etc)? What about that super-offensive, bratty, know-it-all that drives everyone in the office crazy? Maybe it’s the clan of provocatively dressed singles that have no clue about class, responsibility, adulthood, or parenting?

Look around you. I know you’ve seen these faces before but look again. Is there something that you were meant to give to, or meant to receive from, in this curious collection of characters? YES! Have you given (or received) it yet? Hmmm. Only you know the answer.

Whatever job you have, in whatever industry you work, you will never be finished and ready to move forward until you have completed the REAL task that you were sent to accomplish. Chances are that has a lot more to do with the impact that you can have on people than one more spreadsheet, phone call, lead generation, or business development opportunity.

In short, if you’re doing your job right then you’ll never be forgotten and you’ll never be replaced in the hearts of the people you’ve encountered. They may forget your name, your voice tone, or even your favorite outfit but they will never forget the way you made them feel. I hope that feeling is positive. Your job isn’t finished until you’ve touched the lives of the people who are around you.

“Our FINGERPRINTS never fade from the lives we touch.”

Quote by Ghandi