Is There An Easy Way Out?

by Frank

Sometimes in this maze we call life it is so difficult to determine what path we should take. Each and every road that we travel on is leading us to a different destination. One can take you to the cheese another can lead you to the trap. So, how in the world are you to determine which one to take?

The Peace
Imagine there being a fork in your road of life. The path to the right is full of light, life, and perfect weather. The sun is gracefully kissing the ground before you and every step you take seems to be illuminated by the reflection from the stone path. Sweet smelling flowers massage your sense of smell relaxing you with every breath you inhale. It looks and feels like you are in paradise.

The Storm
The path to the left is dark, filled with dead trees, and there is a thunderstorm. There is just a trail of sand to guide you through the rotting vegetation. Each and every breath you inhale brings you closer to vomiting as the retched scent of mold and decay ravage your nasal cavities. Thunder drowns out the sounds of falling limbs from dying trees. There is no sign of life but you standing tall in chaos.

Which path would you take?


Photo by Salvatore Vuono

A simple question deserves a simple answer, right? Not quite.

The Issue
As a member of the human race I will go ahead and say that 99% of us want to take the easy way out. If I had a choice I would choose to take the illuminated path with the roses and sunshine. Who in their right mind would walk down a path of challenge and despair?

We want the roses without the fertilizer. In other words we want to see and smell the beauty but avoid the crap. Now in this particular scenario the choice is easy but in our real day to day lives we don’t get a choice. We close our eyes and wake up in a storm.

The Way Out

  • Recognize where you are.
  • Imagine where you want to be.
  • Change your surroundings, don’t let your surroundings change you.
  • Start walking through your storm.
  • Start planting and use a lot of fertilizer 🙂 (encouragement, joy, peace, love)
  • Watch the decay around you change into blossoms of life.


The way out is to change a situation you are struggling with to a situation that you bring life to. You have the power to change your situation. You have the strength to bring joy and happiness to others. Every step you take through your storm should leave behind signs of life. Paradise should follow you. The way out is IN.

Time to show someone the way.