Is Your Dream A Lie?

by Jermaine


Photo by Jo Parry

I know, I know.

I spend a lot of time talking about, writing about, and thinking about “dreaming.” It has become my obvious obsession. I get excited every time I hear someone share a dream that they hope to achieve. It is to the point now where people who are dreamers gravitate towards me. Almost as if they can sense that I will immediately flow into the role of an exhorter and cosign their dreams by speaking positive words, sending uplifting vibes, and sharing business contacts that just might move their dream one step closer to reality.


I’m convinced that this is part of who I was always intended to be. I have an inherent desire to see people reach new heights. I get this unexplainable level of joy when I know I’ve helped someone. It’s not pride. It is a feeling that is a mix between pure excitement, peace and satisfaction. I tell people that I’m trying to change the world -one day, -one conversation, and -one soul at a time.

The challenge with this goal of conquest is that it is a never ending journey.  It is also one that leads me to some harsh conversations with people who I care deeply about. Have you ever been the one who had to tell someone that the goals they’re seeking to achieve is merely a mirage? If not, try it. Trust me it is not an easy conversation. If anything, it can lead people to really NOT like you. Yet, I know without the truth being shared and the faux dream being exposed as a lie, there is no hope for a REAL dream to be birthed.

A Lying Wonder

So how do you spot faux dreams? My experienced has taught me that it is all about the motivating factor behind the dream. If the principle(s) upon which the dream is conceived is pure then everything else falls in line. You’ll have struggles. You’ll have frustration and disappointment. In the end the fire to complete the dream will be impossible to quench.

 If, however, the dream is built on self-serving motives it has a good chance of being empty. The sad part is many of the people I know with hollow dreams birthed from music videos, societal perceived success, etc. are the ones that start their pursuit with the most zeal. It is not until they are years into the rat race that they realized that they’ve been chasing non-existent water in a never ending desert. This leads to regret.

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams. -John Barrymore

The good news is once you’ve seen a real dream you can set it beside a knockoff and they are easy to tell apart. It is like a fake vs. a real coach purse. They may look the same but one can last a lifetime while the other starts to fall apart within the week.