It Started With An Explosion

by Frank

I am sure you have heard about the oil spill in the Gulf. You know the one that BP is responsible for. If you haven’t heard about it I will like to inform you that there is an oil spill in Gulf. Many of us have seen the pictures of the devastation that the oil has had on the ecosystem. It has brought the fishing industry in that area to a halt.

The wildlife is covered from head to toe in oil making animal activists consider putting animals down to avoid long term health effects. We have shaken our head in disbelief and frustration at the delay of possible solutions and debates among politicians yet and still while the oil is being pumped into the ocean. I have even responded positively when the CEO was forced to resign. Even though he still got a 100 million out of the deal. I wish I could get that much when I get fired. 🙂

Photo by John Kepsimelis

The truth of the matter is the spill was caused by an accident. That accident caused an explosion and that explosion caused a break in a pipe line that pumped oil which is now being “patched up” or fixed by the very company that caused the problem. I am not here to point fingers and play the blame game but I am here to make us realize that a mistake on this level will have consequences that will outlast our lifetime.

BP is a large corporation with worldwide exposure whose products touch the lives of many.

We are a unique representation of a generation whose actions will be reflected in the lives of the people whom we influence and touch for years to come. If you don’t believe me look at your kids, friends, and family. What you do effects the community that you are a part of. A mistake of this magnitude in your personal life can and will have consequences that will outlast your lifetime.

This whole oil spill started with an explosion but the mess it has made is going up the entire east coast of our nation and now we have to clean it up.

So before you go and take that un-calculated risk, before you selfishly do something you may regret, before you make an rash decision without following the recipe, consider that this mistake might just be lighting the fuse on a stick of dynamite.

Now don’t get me wrong it is possible to clean up after an explosion but just look how long it has taken BP just to slow down the leak.

I say if possible, avoid the explosion.

In the words of my Bishop, “It takes several good acts to build a great reputation and only one bad act to tear it down.”

What do you think? Do you think that one huge mistake can have that much of an impression on your life or the life of others?