“It’s LACK OF FAITH that makes people afraid of meeting challenges…

by Jermaine

It is your FAITH that will make you "whole!"

… and I Believed in Myself.”

Yes, you read correct. I believe in myself.


Not because of some of the reason that you’ll probably hear from many other human beings. I do not believe in my talent, knowledge, strength, or wisdom that I’ve acquired through random life experiences to carry me through challenges. I’m not banking on my good looks (beauty is vain), my emotions (the heart is deceitful), or my intellect (lean not to your own understanding). As evident in the last line, all of these means are flawed in the natural sense. Using them alone will only lead me to dissapointment, heartache, and frustration. Which, in turn, will lead to fear of challenges and -ultimately- a lack of desire to achieve. Many people who have lived in this state for a period of time are overwhelmed with apathy and complacency… the desired which once burned bright now holds the strength of a failing match.


But don’t despair, a transfer of foundation is all that is needed to put one back into the proper position in life.

If one is willing to revisit their broken dreams or shattered ego it is possible to find that the root of the problem wasn’t the dream at all. It was what the dream was founded on. If faith is not a catalyst in the process of meeting challenges then it is a good chance that the challenges will go unmet. Fortify your persuits with faith and even through setbacks, they will eventually come to past. Believe in the God that you serve. Believe in the God in you. Not in shallow things or natural things… but in deep, supernatural things!

That belief is all that is needed to see challenges as large as mountains removed and casted into the see.

P.S. Once you have achieved your goal… don’t forget to BOAST IN THE LORD!!!