It’s Time To Think Like a Leader

by Frank


The Battle of the Mind

Today I am going to reveal to you an exclusive secret. Today we are going to dispel myths, conquer fears, and take dominion over all that we do. I promise to show you a way to completely change any feelings of inadequacy or lack in any area of you life. How do I intend to do all of this? I am going to make you think like a leader.

First let me demolish a preconceived notion. In order to be a leader you are not required to have any form of college degree. In fact there are no age requirements. My 5 year old son could be a leader. There is no secret society you need to join and people are not required to acknowledge you as Doctor. Leadership does not require a title, position, or a particular social status.

Leadership requires a strong mind.

In order to become a leader one of the biggest challenges you face will not be getting people to follow you. It is going to be getting you to follow yourself. Do you trust yourself to make the right decision? Are you brave enough to walk into a gun fight with a knife? Are you willing to die trying or would you rather get stabbed in the back running away?

In order to lead you have to be willing to make some tough decisions. You have to be willing to fight against negative thought processes and naysayers. Being a leader demands a strong will and the ability to stand confidently in chaos.

Are you ready to face your fears?

Step one in thinking like a leader is acknowledging your fears and taking them head on. It is time to face your pain, your frustrations, and your inadequacies with a mindset for change and growth. It is time to shake your self free from the flee mentality when things get tough.

Standing firm on a solid belief backed by confidence empowered by research, and attacking with purpose is the way to draw people to your cause. The greatest leaders are remembered by what they said backed up by their actions.

In order to be the leader you are destined to become you first have to win the battle within yourself. You are capable of doing some amazing things. I know it. I can feel it. You can feel it.

Change the way you think. Think like a leader. Who cares what went wrong in your past? Face it you failed. Dust yourself off and try again. It doesn’t matter that things didn’t go the way you thought they should. Make it even better the next time you try. Give it your all.

A leader never quits. A leader has purpose. A leader has a strong mind.

You are a leader. Think like one.

3 days to Christmas!!!!