Just Throw Something At It-The Effects of a Lack of Commitment

by Frank


In the middle of the night on a hot summer day I was lying comfortably in my bed having a nightmare. It was just your typical scary movie scenario type of dream. There I was sleep in my bed when I heard the sound of my front door being tampered with.

It started with a slow and barely noticeable shift of the doorknob. You know the sound it makes when you are trying to see if it is unlocked. It then escalated to a push, to a kick, to an aggressive beating and pounding. Someone really wanted to get in.

I quickly hop out of bed to try to catch the intruder before he can make it to the top of the stairs and into the living areas in the house. In my dream I was a man of action. I looked down the flight of stairs saw the lone intruder and without thinking I bent my knees and launched myself forward, over all of the stairs into the hands of the perpetrator.


The battle is intense. After I land on top of him he quickly pushes me off of his body so violently that I hit the wall behind me. The adrenaline in my body nulls the effects of the blow and my back bounces off of the wall lunging me forward to land the first punch right across his jaw. After connecting on the first punch I felt like a shark that smelled blood in the water. I went crazy connecting punch after punch until the intruder retreated.

I foolishly chased him out of the front door and was startled by the rest of the individuals who were trying to come in after him. I was surrounded by an army of people who want to get in. Normally my macho attitude would never allow me to back down from a fight. In this dream I just wanted to protect my family.

These guys had knives, guns, bats, and chains. They didn’t want to take what was in my house but they were coming to destroy me and my family. I closed my eyes balled up my fist and started to fight for my life. I woke up as soon as the first knife pierced my skin.


As I opened my eyes from this horrible dream I immediately heard the dial tone from a phone that was knocked off of the hook. I must have hit the button as I wrestled around the bed in my dream. The sound startles me and I immediately become defensive. My house is pitch black. There is not a light in sight. But as I stare down the hallway from my room to the very stairwell from my dream there is a silhouette of a person standing in my door jam.

So, what do you think I did? I grabbed that phone and launched it down the hallway as hard as I could. I threw this phone so hard that it would have decapitated whoever stepped in its path. I could here the operator screaming, as the phone flew down the hallway, “If you would like to make a call please hang up and try again.” Unfortunately the silhouette was just that, a shadow, a figment of my imagination.


My wife woke up, looked me in the eyes, called me a moron, and went back to sleep. I broke a perfectly good phone into pieces. In my dream I was ready to put myself into harms way to protect my family. In reality I just threw something at my problem. I didn’t commit myself. I used something else to fight my battle. To be honest I was too scared to confront my issue so I just threw something at it.

Now I am stuck cleaning up the pieces of the phone and my wife will tell everyone she meets about me throwing the phone down the hallway in the middle of the night. How many times in our lives do we really make a full commitment to see the task to the end, the very end?

Many times we will just, instead of giving it everything we have, throw something at it. We roll the dice and see where they land instead of taking the dice and putting them on the game board. At least if they are on the board I know I am still in the game. It is time to make a full commitment.

Apply this where it fits