No More Excuses: Go Get The Life You Want

by Frank

“You can either get results or you can make excuses. Only one of them will bring about change. Choose wisely.”

The Excuses That Will Hold You Back

“I don’t know what to do.”
“I don’t know the right people.”no excuses
“I haven’t made the right connections.”
“I don’t have the necessary skills.”
“If only I had the money.”
“If only someone would help me.”
“If I had more time.”
“I wish someone would give me a chance.”

Are You Addicted to Excuses?

These were the very words that came continuously out of my mouth for a period of five years as I sat around miserable feeling like a wild bird trapped in a cage that would limit me to an unfulfilled mediocre existence. Statements like this generally came after I made a forward looking claim that I wanted more for myself and my future, but instead I did more talking about why I couldn’t than acting on what I could. I was more interested with telling anyone who would listen my problems instead of taking actions that would bring me closer to solutions. I became addicted to excuses.

Each day that went by, I found myself searching for my next fix. I desperately needed something to take away the pain of reality. This was the reality I had created from series of decisions strung together over a lifetime. Instead of personal ownership, I snorted blame for a temporary high. Instead of doing the challenging task that would lead to progress, I shot up with reasons why I couldn’t be what I knew I could. Excuses were easy. They provided comfort in a uncomfortable situation. However, like a marathon runner jogging in place, my heart rate was up but I wasn’t making any progress.

Freedom From Excuses

Then change came. My awaking was the result of the reality of being in a climate of change while my atmosphere remained the same. I watched others challenge themselves and rise to greatness while I slowly allowed myself to diminish in the shadows. The excuses were starting to show the wear and tear on my body. The holes in my arms from the constant rationale I spun to explain to myself why I hadn’t progressed would no longer heal. My bruised ego could no longer stand as I started to lose confidence and hope in myself. Blaming others didn’t give me the jolt it once did. No, now it just left me empty. The good news is I didn’t stay there and neither do you. I broke my addiction and today I am going to help you do the same.

Three Tips to Help You Stop Making Excuses and Get the Results You Want

 1. Surround yourself with people who will challenge you to overcome excuses.

Your ability to climb the ladder of success will be strongly determined by the people who are closest to you. By surrounding yourself with people who have a higher vision of you than you have of yourself, you will by nature strive to become a better version of you. Look for people who encourage, inspire, and believe in you even in times when you may not believe in yourself. They won’t allow you to make excuses they will challenge you to get better.

2. Choose a  destination worth reaching that is bigger than your excuses.

Create a mental image of you reaching the goal you are looking to accomplish. This begins by taking a moment to dream beyond what may currently seem possible. Don’t reach for what seems easily attainable. Instead choose something that will cause you to stretch to reach it. The very thought of you reaching a dream destination will motivate you to strive towards it. No excuse will be able to stop you from going where you want to go.

3. Challenge yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes.

As you stop making excuses and take on the challenges to reach your goals I want to be the first to tell you that there will be obstacles along the way. You will mess up. You will stumble. You will have growing pains. However, it is all a part of the process. Don’t let one, two, or twenty five set backs stop you from moving forward. Learn from your mistakes and grow. No one is perfect. Allow yourself to be human.

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If there is something that you want out of life you have to change the focus on what you don’t have and start looking within find the strengths that may be lying dormant in you. The only reason you have not yet reached your dreams is not only due to your circumstances but instead it has been your response to them. No more excuses. They don’t get results.

Are you making excuses or taking action?

I challenge you today to take these first three steps to get the life you want. I’m cheering for you!