Lost in Translation

by Jermaine

Colorful Music NoteSo I’m sitting here snickering at the feeble attempts of my daughter to sing one of her new favorite songs. She’s nodding her head, taping her hand to keep beat, and rocking. If all I had was visuals I would be convinced she’s record ready… throw a microphone in front of her and it would be a hit!

I know a little about singing posture, lip position, and head position. Each will greatly affect your sound. My daughter is spot on: Her head is looking straight ahead, she’s using her diaphragm, and she must be rounding her sound because her lips are in an oval position. My college choir directress would be proud.
Yet, in the midst of all of this excellence my wife calls to me, “Can you tell what song she’s trying to sing?”
Of course I know but I holler back, “No, what is it?”
Immediately my wife starts singing along with my daughter. The difference is now instead of just hearing properly placed notes and nonsense you hear clear words and strong diction. After a couple of lines of the duet my wife stops singing and calls to me again, “Can you hear it now?”
I simply respond, “Yes, yes I can?”
Smiling she says, “Did you know before?”
Wistfully I say, “I had an idea but wasn’t 100% sure. You know…” My wife doesn’t even maintain eye contact long enough to get all of my response. Mid sentence she is already back glued to the textbook in her arms. All through this conversation my daughter is still singing her chorus, nodding her head, and taping to keep beat.
Thank God for Parents! Isn’t it funny how parents have inclined their ears to understand what others would deem gibberish and dismiss?
However, if we listen a little closer there could be a melody being sung to us about the current rhythm of our lives. If we are not careful we will only hear it as noise.

Did you really miss the same light on the way to work five times in a row?

Is it really the poor lighting in the building where you work that’s giving you migraines?

Was it really the driver that cut you off during rush hour that put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day?

Is it the weather that’s making you want to spend your weekend in isolation?
OR… is all of this your life telling you it is time for change?
These reoccurring frustrations may be the still small voice of God being lost in translation.