Make the Momentum Shift

by Frank

It’s the biggest game of the year. The stakes are high. The challenge is substantial. This week Fred and his teammates are facing their biggest rival. Every major sports publication and station has been talking about this match up since the season began. It has been said that tonight’s game is a preview into which team will win the National Championship in college football.

With all the anticipation, Fred has been under pressure to perform. He is the best defensive back on his team and has the responsibility a defending the nations top receiver. To make sure he was ready for the game, he spent the last 2 weeks studying film, working with receivers who mimic the routes he needs to defend, and put in overtime in the gym to increase his speed. Now, it’s game time on his team’s home field.

Momentum Mis-Directed

In a tightly contested game, the score is 0-0. It has been a complete defensive battle that has now progressed into the 4th quarter. On a 3rd and 20, Fred positions himself closely to the receiver he is defending. The purpose of this close position is to use physical strength to stop his assignment from making it deeply up the field. As the ball is snapped Fred explodes towards the receiver with his hands outward attempting to drive him backwards.

With all of his forward momentum, Fred is alarmed when the defender uses his hands in karate kid fashion (wax on) to block his advance and quickly sprints by him up the field. The receiver catches a 35 yard pass getting the first down and puts his team in position to win the game. From this point on, Fred is unable to stop any passes that are thrown in his direction. The momentum had clearly swung in favor of the other team.

Taking Back the Momentum

Then on a 1st down and 10, Fred noticed that the nations top receiver, while taking position on the line of scrimmage, looked over and made eye contact with the Quarterback. Fred remembered while watching film that in scoring situations this team often ran a quick screen pass for the receiver. The eye contact was a dead give away. In order to stop this play he would need to beat the receiver to a spot on the field to deflect this pass.

As the ball is snapped, Fred sprints full speed towards the receiver knowing he is going to get the ball. The quarterback quickly turns his head towards the receiver and launches a fast tight spiral in his direction. While the ball is in the air Fred knows that his team needs a big play to put them in position to win the game. Using every ounce of energy in his body he dives forward and manages to hit the ball with his index and middle finger. During his fall to the ground the ball pops up high in the air and lands in the arms of a defensive lineman for an interception.

The crowd erupts! There is so much energy in the building that the ground is shaking. Hope has returned to his team and they now have a chance to win the game. Even though Fred made several mistakes that almost lost the game, it only took one big play to change the momentum in his team’s favor.

Life Momentum

In life it is not uncommon for several things go wrong at the same time. Layoffs, bill collectors, unemployment, depression, and low self esteem are real issues that many people are facing. To some, it may seem like all hope is lost. It may feel like the world is against you. However, I challenge you to see the world a little differently today.

Don’t let the negative momentum in your life control your life. It only takes one big opportunity to shift the momentum in your favor. How are you going to learn to recognize opportunity? How familiar are you with your opposition? Are you preparing yourself to change seize the chance to take back your life?

The game of life is not one anyone should lose. We must learn to compete until the game is over. This week, keep your eyes open for a life changing opportunity. It could be right on at your finger tips.

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