by Frank

Take two every 4-6 hours

My head is killing me. I have spent a lot of time rubbing the temples on the side of my head just to ease the pain. I am exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open because they are so sensitive to light. I can feel my heartbeat in my throat. Where’s the aspirin?

Feeling desperate I take the recommended dose of pain reliever and wait for my pain to cease. Finally feeling like myself again I can begin to function in a normal capacity. Unfortunately I end up with a splitting headache again just 4 hours later. Where’s the aspirin?

Returning once again from my zombie like state I resume the activities of my day. I run the necessary errands, play with my son, and read a book. As I make my way towards the refrigerator for an afternoon snack the freaking headache comes back with a vengeance. Where’s the aspirin?


Do you want the remedy or the cure?

Frustrated with my reoccurring condition I finally take a look at the bottle that has provided my relief just to see instructions that tell me to take 2 pills every 4-6 hours. I didn’t really care to keep pumping myself full of drugs for the next few days so I started to look for alternative medicine.

I wanted to be better not just feel better. Where’s the cure?

I needed rest. After a good long nap, I felt a whole lot better. Aspirin, serving its purpose, just gets rid of the symptoms. It gives you a break from the pain but the problem is still there, just lying dormant.

The worst part is it is only temporary. I don’t know what your “drug” of choice is but whatever it is, do you think it is making you better?

I was completely sick and tired of being sick and tired. I felt like a wounded solider that lie dying on the battlefield just to have the medic put a band-aid over my bullet wound.

Are you ready to be healed?

Find a cure for your problem not just a remedy. Get rid of the disease not the symptoms.