Never Be The Same Again!

by Jermaine

Take the next opportunity you get to CHANGE

This is the moment. Hopefully, this note is the catalyst. This finally is the time that you MUST stop living your cyclical life and start to branch out into your potential.


Because today is the yesterday that you dreamed would never come. Today is the promised possibility for you to reassert yourself and take control of your destiny. Today is the springboard for your dreams of success and greater meaning in life to be attained. All of creation and all of time has waited anxiously for this awakening and the beginning of this journey… will you take the next step? If not now, then when? If not you, then who?
There is beauty that the world has yet to see because the glory of “you” doing what you were created to do has yet to be revealed. Let me be the first to tell you, you are missing out on greater satisfaction with life and greater excitement in your interactions with peers. You are not only denying yourself of greater clarity when you resist your true self. Sadly, you also are inhibiting others around you. Your lackluster life only invites others to accept the mire of life as the norm.
If for no one else, change for your children, your love ones, and/or your friends. They need to know in the recesses of their minds that it is possible to live a rewarding, eventful, overflowing life. Trust that your untapped possibilities are not promised forever. Everyday you ignore them (or deny them) is another opportunity missed and another day in which we’ve all been denied the joy of seeing the ultimate reality of “YOU.”