by Frank

“What is taking her so long, daddy?
Why is she moving so slow?
Is she done yet?
Why do we have to wait behind her?”

This was my afternoon in a nut shell, as I waited in line at the post office, just to buy some stamps. Clearly it is, everyone in the world go to the post office day or EITWGTTPOD for short. Everyone was there. I think I saw Elmo trying to buy some stamps. 🙂 So long story short, it was busy and Ian (my son) and I were waiting.

The line was not horribly long and it was moving at a reasonable pace. I desperately was in need of some stamps. I had bills that in order to be on time needed to be in the mail yesterday. Next up procrastination. Stay tuned. That same line, which seemed to be moving to me, was stagnant to Ian. I guess if we are not in the front, we are in the back. I saw this as a great opportunity to teach my son a valuable lesson.

I looked him in his eyes and asked him a question.

“Ian, if you are the first person in your class to school and the teacher asks you to pick a book, do you think the kid behind you should get a book instead?”

His eyes lit up with joy because I asked him a question he knew the answer to. He yelled, “No, he has to wait his turn.”

“Exactly”, I said. “The people in front of us got to the class first; we have to wait until it is our turn to grab our book.”

He looked like he learned something of value. I thought I had just put out a fire. I didn’t know it was a grease fire and I just threw a cup of water on it. He got what I taught him but that wasn’t enough to make him patient enough to wait his turn.

He wanted to GO, now, not just to the front of the line, but home. He got the concept but didn’t know how to appropriately apply it.

Wait, I don’t think I know how to apply it. We live in what I have heard called today a microwave society. We want what we want and we want it now. It’s funny because we are also a society which quotes, “Good things come to those who wait.” Or even better, “Patience is a virtue.”

Everything that we want out of our lives is not just going to happen overnight.

We will have to work for it, cry for it, die for it, and earn it.

I don’t want to be the guy who got so close but got out of line because I couldn’t wait for my turn. If you do that, you leave the store empty-handed and guess what; you still don’t have what you NEED.

I learned a valuable lesson today about waiting for my turn.

My question for you today is how long are you willing to wait?

Stay in line.


Photo by healingdream