Okay, What Did You Get Me?

by Frank


Photo by Robert Proksa

I used to be really bad at gift giving. I thought quantity was better than quality. Who knew that people would prefer one nice gift instead of twenty individual gifts for the dollar store. As time has passed my gift giving has improved and now I get everyone one nice gift from Dollar General. They have items that could cost up to $7.  Just kidding.

Now that I actually put thought, effort, and monetary resources into the gifts I select, my expectations has changed about what I expect to receive. Don’t make that funny face you know what I am talking about.  You remember that year when you bought that person a really nice gift and all they got you was a Merry Christmas singing greeting card.

All I am saying is that your expectations didn’t match up with the gift you received.

For a few years I actually started to buy gifts based upon what I thought someone else would get me. Shame on me. I thought I was the only person who behaved that way until I started closely observing others reactions when they open up their presents.

People are usually good at masking their feeling with their words. Many people though are not as good at masking their feelings with their body language. I have seen eyebrows drop, shoulders slump, and smiles gradually disappear. Now this doesn’t include someone just buying you a terrible gift but it deals with reciprocity.


Giving is not about receiving. It’s purpose is not to create a feeling of obligation or competition. Giving is an act of kindness, genorosity and a display of love. So as you prepare to go out and give to the people who mean the most to you, do so with a clean conscious.

How many gifts did you buy with a special intent in mind this year?

Give Freely. Give Deeply. Give without expectations.