Out With The Old…

by Jermaine

Out with the Old…

One of the hardest things to do as a person is to know when to close a chapter and start a new one.  Yet, all of the universe, including the calendar system, lends itself to starting over. Every 365 (and a quarter) days the earth completes a cycle around the sun. Does the Earth stop, stutter step, or drift afterwards? No!

It keeps right on spinning!

Contrary to popular belief, every trip is different than the one before. This is a New Year. The old has passed away; behold, the new is here. So the question becomes, “How does one make this year count?”

Start with examining the Author of your Goals

If you, in and of yourself, have unilaterally come up with expectations and goals that you desire to achieve in life then there is a good chance that you didn’t invite a higher power to help you sketch the picture of your tomorrow. Without a guided hand your dreams, though still attainable, may turn out to be well planned nightmares. I say this because many of the things that we desire out of life have little to do with the ultimate reality of life. We spend years trying to get an expensive house instead of nurturing our families and establishing strong homes. We break our necks to purchase high-end cars to take ourselves and friends places but won’t invest the time or the energy to tend to the emotional needs of ourselves, let alone our love ones. We fight to climb the corporate ladder and care little about nature, the sick, or the elderly.

Let’s face it, we major on the minors.

And, no, it is not 100% our fault. Some of these behavioral patterns have been modeled before us and taught to us by the people we trust the most. They tell us to be doctors, not to cure the diseases of the world -so we can have job security and good salaries. They tell us to be lawyers, not to convict the guilty and free the innocent -so we can wear the best clothes and have the highest status amongst our peers.

Yes, they taught us (and taught us well I might add) how to focus on the material world. However, I hope that you will see that these are merely the goals of last year. Life has revealed that any pursuit sought after for the wrong reason holds little REAL reward. These pursuits grow fruitless and empty quickly and your spirit honestly will desire more.

So what’s next?

Now it is time to dig a little deeper and reach for a little more than the expected financial stability and social standing that our society proclaims as success. We are stretching towards wholeness. Ironically, when this approach is pursued the rest of the expectations in life usually fall into place.

Here’s to getting the old thought process out and working with a new game plan.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.