Pizza and Ice Cream-Clashing Personalities

by Frank

clashing personalities

Photo by Kat Jackson

I don’t know about you but when I met someone who’s personality doesn’t mesh with mine I disconnect. Usually people hang around people who are just like them. Therefore, it is important to know what your personality says about you. For that reason I will be talking about clashing personalities and how to make the most of them.


You have heard the saying that water and oil don’t mix. Well I am here to tell you that a a task oriented overachiever, may not get along with a free thinking, creative personality type. Putting these people together can end as explosive as using C4 as fireworks.

In business I don’t know how much planning goes into creating an environment where peoples personalities compliment one another but if they did I am sure the benefits would out weigh the cost of the research.


In my early work experience I had the pleasure, by pleasure I mean an experience I would compare to the splendid feeling of a root canal, of working for a man who was far from humorous whom was a task oriented over achiever. No matter what I did, it was never good enough and it was due because of clashing personalities. He didn’t like me or my personality.

I was a manager in a retail environment and instead of segregating myself from the hourly employees I embraced them and established personal relationships with them. I would spend time laughing and joking and doing my best to create an atmosphere of fun in a sometimes challenging work environment. My supervisor did not care for me being buddy, buddy with the employees and therefore he made my job hell.


I would do exactly what he asked me to do and I would get wrote up because I didn’t do it to his exact specifications. I mean this guy wanted army precision at Target. If people were happy at work he was unhappy. I think they made a movie about him a few years back. Jim Carey played as him and he went around stealing gifts from peoples homes the night before Christmas. 🙂

This is a prime example of clashing personalities. Now I have nothing against this individual. Our personalities just clashed. The purpose of this story is to make you aware of the different types of personalities that surround you. So if you are hunting for a new job make sure you are conscious of the (personality) environment you are entering.

So, what do you do to improve relationships between people with clashing personalities?

Quit 🙂

1. Be aware of the different personalities that surround you.

2. Be real. Don’t change your personality to try to make someone else happy.

3. Keep an updated resume.

4. Avoid that other person because the last thing an adult would want to do is get in a fist fight. Awkward. 🙂