by Frank

Photo by Michelle Meiklejohn

Earlier this year we celebrated my son’s birthday. We have had 364 days since his last one to prepare for today. Let’s just say things are not as easy as they should be. As parents we want to do what is best for our child. We want them to grow up happy and be productive members of society.


I can say confidently that it is easier said than done. If it takes this much work just to get a birthday party right, I can’t imagine how I am going to explain to him the complex realities of relationships and dating.

The odds are not in my favor. At a birthday party for some reason everything has to be perfect for a 5 year old. The weather must be right; food must be prepared at perfect specifications, and the stars and planets have to be in perfect alignment.


You even have to make sure you have gifts and activities for the people who will be attending. Who knew? I always assumed the only person getting gifts was the birthday person.

Even a cheap birthday party is expensive. I used to love transformers. Now I don’t. I prefer not to watch and enjoy things that will violently assault your wallet and smile at the same time. Two balloons cost $6. What I am trying to say is, it is really important to discuss your kid’s birthday parties when you are doing your financial planning.  Just like with college savings. If you don’t, then get ready for a lot of credit card debt. 🙂

My wife and I have done everything we can to try to make my son’s birthday party one he will never forget. We made all the arrangements, set appointments, made invitations, and bought gifts. I can’t remember a time in my life where I have expended so much energy for a few hours out of one day. There is urgency, excitement, and nervousness all happening within me at the same time.


If I can do this for my son, why don’t I do this for other areas of my own life as well? I can personally attest that I didn’t have a problem investing in my son’s dream. I have tried to make the planets align and let me tell you that is not easy. But when am I going to start investing in my dreams, my future?

Am I making the right arrangements to reach the heights and the depths I want to go? Am I setting the right appointments with people who will help me grow? Am I inviting the right people into my life?

No, I am not? So, it is time I started to plan my own party of success.

 How about you?

When is your “birthday”?