by Frank

Pressure guauge
It is really advantageous to have people in your life that will be brutally honest with you. I find it to be of extreme importance. If I am walking around looking like a fool, I would love to have someone I know and trust tell me rather than a complete stranger. Maybe that is just me.

Recently, I have been working on a project that is taking up a lot of my time. This project has taken so much time that I have become a little burnt out from all of the work and my production has become non-existent for the past weeks. This is when those friends and family come in handy.

After a few weeks of slacking off, people started asking me questions about my progress. It started off friendly but as more time went by it became a lot more aggressive. I mean everyone was harassing me. Our dog was even giving me dirty looks.

Everyday that went by seemed to give people more energy to come up with more ways to push me to do what needed to be done. I have emails from people calling me lazy.

I have heard almost every cliche about some journey of a million miles and taking steps to go on that journey or something like that. 🙂 People were on me from every direction. It was frustrating the heck out of me at the time but I am so grateful that the people that I love put that pressure on me to be better.

So now every time I am working on something and want to quit I can feel the hands of my peers pushing me forward. Not only do they stand behind you for support but together they form an ever growing, single file line of strength and unity leaning on one another using all of their combined power to propel you forward.

No matter how hard I try to stop moving, how hard I try to dig my feet down, how firmly I try to stay planted and stop my momentum, the pressure eventually builds up so strong that I am forced to take a step or I will lose my balance and fall.

If I fall I end up with all of the weight that was pushing me forward on top of me.

Again, I think it is of extreme importance that you have someone in you life that only wants what is best for you. This is a person rather rain or shine, hell or high water, will do what it takes to make you keep going. If you aren’t moving you aren’t living.

Life is too short to spend 90% of your time complaining about it. If you want to make something happen surround yourself with people who won’t ever stop applying that pressure.

Take your first step.

For each and every one of you that have been pushing me I am forever grateful.