Ransom | Recovering Stolen Dreams

by Frank

ransom money

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What is Ransom?

Ransom definition: According the the Merriam Webster dictionary ransom is defined as a consideration paid or demanded for the release of someone or something from captivity.

Stolen Dreams

This can’t be happening. Where is it? I turned my back for one second and now it’s gone. It was just right here. Literally two seconds ago I was holding it in my hands. My eyes are starting to glass over as the tears are about to flow from my face. I can’t believe it’s missing. I can’t go on without it.

I have looked everywhere. I’ve been under the bed, through the closets, and beneath the sofa. I have looked in every drawer in the house. I torn the place apart with so much vigor that it looks like I have been robbed. I am so panicked that I continually keep looking in spots I have already checked. My heart is beating fast and I am overwhelmed with feelings of disbelief. Then…the phone rings.

Before I can say hello, I hear in a deep raspy voice a man say, “I know what your looking for.”

Shocked by what I just heard, I slowly squeeze a simple statement from my lips and say,

“Hello,” as I am confronted with strong thoughts of fear from what this unknown man just said.

“Did you hear what I just said? I got what you’re looking for and there’s only one way you are going to get it back,” he replies. “You’re going to have to pay for it.”

The Initial Reaction To Having My Dreams Stolen

My heart felt like it fell out of my chest. How could this guy take procession of something that doesn’t belong to him? What right does he have to make me pay for something that is already mine? Then I remember what he had, how much I needed it, how much it meant to me. The value is priceless. I would die to have it back.

I barely could open my mouth as my lips were shaking in fear when he screamed, “Show up with the money or you will never see your precious dreams again.”

“Stay by the phone for more details.”

What choice did I have. The thing that is most important to me in the word is being held hostage for ransom.

Deciding Rather to Pay the Ransom

I stuck in the valley of decision. Should I call the authorities for assistance? I have seen the movies and that doesn’t usually go well. Maybe, I should just give them the money but will they return to me what is mine.

Since I couldn’t decide, I focused my energy on the day’s events. I remember seeing a man staring at me as I smiled at “it” in a grocery store. I recall seeing that same guy in a blue pick up truck in the parking lot. I even remember feeling like someone was following me as I drove home. Then it hit me. The person who stole “it” was someone who was close to me.

They wanted “it” because they knew of the potential and the value that “it” had in my life.

The phone started ringing and I was ready this time.

I hit the talk button on the phone to commence the call to hear, “Have 1 million dollars at Hines Park at 9 p.m.”

Then the call ended abruptly.

Ready To Recover The Dreams That Were Stolen From Me

I wanted “it” back and I was willing to pay for it. I jumped in my car, went to the bank and withdrew the necessary funds. As I ventured towards Hines Park later that evening, I saw that same blue pick up truck parked at a gas station with something in the rear hitch. The owner was nowhere in sight.

I turned off my lights and parked my car about 2 blocks away hoping that I wouldn’t be noticed. I grabbed a crow bar out of the trunk of my car and started sneaking stealth style to the rear of the blue truck. I could hear “it” in the back. Fear immediately struck me. I thought about getting back in my car and going to the park to pay the man what he wanted. At least that way no one would get hurt.

But, something happened. I realized that what he had was not his. It belonged to me and I was going to do anything necessary to go about recovering dreams. That is what “it” is. Those dreams belonged to me and he was grossly undervaluing them. So, instead of hiding I went hunting and I knew exactly who I was looking for.

I found him coming out of the bathroom on the rear of the building. I locked eyes with him and griped tightly the crow bar I was holding in my right hand. I had one simple thing to say to him before I fought for what was mine,


Recovering Stolen Dreams in your Life

I’ve been there. I have had my dreams stolen from me. I have wasted potential and missed out on promises all because I let my enemies hold something that belonged to me for ransom. Situations that involve ransom are generally done by people who wish to remain anonymous. The main purpose of this is to avoid any easy suspicion and motive by the authorities. What is odd though is that in our own lives we can pinpoint exactly who and what are the things that try to steal our dreams.

Maybe it is our negative attitudes and the way we look at life.
Maybe it is our lack of faith and the failure to persevere through challenges.
Maybe it is our enemy who keeps stealing our opportunities.
I could go on and on but you know exactly what it is that is trying to hold your dreams for ransom.

I don’t care who or what it is that has stolen dreams from you. The truth of the matter is they don’t belong to them. It’s time to get “it” all back.

Here’s How To Recover Your Stolen Dreams:

  • Fight for your dreams: Don’t let other discourage what you go after in life. If you believe in it, fight for it.
  • Build a Bridge: Don’t let obstacles stop you from getting what is rightfully yours.
  • Live Fearlessly: Don’t allow fear to stop you from taking a chance on going for “it”