Recognizing Bad Relationships

by Frank

How To Spot A Relationship That Needs To Be Broken
This is part one of a six part series. (Breaking Unhealthy Relationships Now-B.U.R.N.)

In my very own life I have learned that my behaviors has been heavily dictated by the people of whom I spent my time with. If I spent a lot of time with people who didn’t want to change I noticed I didn’t change much either. If I spent my time with people on the job who did enough to get by I did just enough to get by.  If I spent my time with people who always complained then I complained too.

Think about it. Then think about it again. Think about the people who you share your life with and ask yourself this question. Are they helping you or hurting you?

If you are unsure here are some things to look out for and determine if your relationship is unhealthy.

  •  There is a lack of respect or concern about one another.


  • You lack the confidence in this person to tell them the truth.


  • The person you are with makes you feel bad or worse than you did when you shared your issue. (They bring down your day)


  • They have aggressive opposite beleifs than yourself in any area. (spiritual, personal, financial.)


  • They drain your energy.


  • They only hang around you because of material things you posess. (clothes, cars, jewlery)


  • They spend alot of time talking about themselves.


  • You pretend to be someone else when you are around them.


  • You pick up their bad behaviors like ridicule and gossip.


  • They talk you out of things that would greatly benefit you.  “Don’t go back to school I don’t think you are smart enough.”


  • They are not maturing.


  • There are fits of rage, verbal or physical abuse.


  • You are afraid to be honest because they may terminate the relationship.


  • They make fun of you and you feel like less of a person.


Burning Match

Photo by healingdream

Now because of the complex realities of friendship any of these events could have happened with close friend or family member. An isolated incident does not deem a relationship to be unhealthy. The issue is if these events are a constant part of your every interaction with this person.

The main thought that I want you to take away from this is; any relationship you are in should make you better never worse.

Take some time and examine your relationships and be prepared to take that next step: Breaking Your Mind Free From A Bad Relationship