Regroup, Rebuild, and Conquer

by Frank


chess board

Play the game to win.

Some of the best strategist in the world are usually employed in some division of the armed forces. They use their expertise and tact to protect the country in which they live and love. Many of these brilliant minds have to make tough decisions that can effect the lives of soldiers they command. Although they take the appropriate steps to analyze their challenges and overcome them there still are valuable positions lost, resources stolen, units unaccounted for, and the most heartbreaking issue, lives lost.


In spite of all of this there is still a battle going on that has to be won at all cost. Times have changed and there are several technological advantages that exist that were unthought of at the time when Napoleon went on his many conquests. Although the technology was different the approach was similar. Modern and historic strategist have a great trait in common. They are masters of regrouping, rebuilding, and conquering. They are masters of adaptation.


So as I sit at my desk, reflecting on some of the things I would like to work out a little differently than they currently are, I have come to realize that even with the appropriate strategy not everything is going to go just like I planned. The lesson is to learn how to adapt, how to regroup, and how to rebuild.

In the midst of a predicament the last thing on my mind currently is winning a war. I am too busy trying to make it out of my present predicament situation alive. In order to reach my full potential I have to learn to adapt on the fly. You should to and here are some great tips to help you.


1. Ask for help.

If things are not going the way they should ask a friend or valued colleague for some honest feedback and assistance. This person will shed a light on things you may not have seen from your first person line of view.

2. Always look for ways to improve

Is there a way you can do what you are doing more efficiently? Are you working smarter and not harder? What areas in your life are known weaknesses and what will you do to eliminate them.

3. Get up!

Life will knock you down violently. Some of the situations you will deal with will feel life threatening but as long as you are still breathing you have an obligation to get back up. You will lose some battles. People might ridicule you or overlook your accomplishments but it is not the end of you. GET UP!

4. Build your house 1 stone at a time.

When taking back control of your life or re-balancing after a fall it is important to know that it will take time to get on your feet firmly again. Allow yourself time to heal but at the same time prepare yourself to fight back.

5. Evolve.

Wars are no longer fought with swords and arrows. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. As times change so should your strategy. Adapt with the times and make sure you can keep an upper hand on the competition.

Using these five tips I am confident that you will be able to overcome any set backs and reposition yourself for greatness.