Running For My Life

by Frank


Photo by Free Digital

This story is to help you change direction when the things life throws at you have you stuck.

Running for my life

When I was growing up I can vividly remember watching with my dad the animal documentaries on PBS. There was something about the wild that was calming and inspiring. My favorite episodes generally had something to do with a lion. I was amazed how they travel and hunt in packs. But even with my love of the society of lions nothing impressed me more than the speed and agility of a Gazelle.

In the wild, lions tend to pick on the animals in the herd that are weak, old, sick or hurt. Even with the strength of their numbers they will go after the easy prey.  They spend their time focusing on how to take down the targeted prey with minimal effort and stress. The lions will separate you from the herd and isolate you from your protection so they can have an afternoon snack.

Are you an easy target?

The lions have picked their prey of choice and with every piece of artistic talent the producer has he is trying to indicate that it is over for this poor Gazelle. The music has changed to a sad melody that would be played at a funeral possession. The Gazelle, surrounded by predators, looks as if she is crying when the camera close ups on her face. As soon as the action starts… it went to commercial. It looks like it is lights out for the poor Gazelle.

The Attack

The predators are in position and the first female lion makes a lunge for the neck of the Gazelle. The Gazelle freezes in her current position and the lion must have miss calculated because she missed her neck by centimeters. Without a second of hesitation the Gazelle sees the gap in the formation where the lion just lunged herself from and explodes with such force and speed that the other lions flinched and ended up trying to play catch up.

The Pursuit

The lions were faster than the Gazelle, and my goodness they are smart. When the pursuers got close enough to the Gazelle, even while running full stride, they will swing one of their paws to trip the running animal. Now I don’t know if this Gazelle had one of those rear-view cameras that now come standard on luxury cars when you back up but every time the lion got close she would change direction, violently.

This Gazelle was moving.

When pressure came from a different angle she changed direction. When she could feel the breath of her pursuers on her neck she changed direction.

When they tried to trip her, stop her, trick her, block her she changed direction.

She ran until they stopped chasing after her. It was pointless to the lions. This Gazelle had purpose. She was running for her life.

I do not care what, who, when, where, or how often life tries to take you down a path you did not intend to go. If you feel the pressure and things are not going the way they should, CHANGE DIRECTION.

Be the Gazelle. Run for your life.