Selling The Product

by Frank


Photo By Michal Marcol

Any company, large or small, prides itself on the product they make or a service they provide. The logo and perception they have created unfortunately lose their effect if the item for sale fails. It all boils down to if they can produce a product or service that will meet the needs of its customer better than any of its competitors. The product is simply what the company has to offer. It is what it HAS produced.


bad product will speak for itself. If you don’t believe me buy some shampoo from the dollar store and tell me how it works out for you. I have tried it and the brand I used didn’t even make bubbles. 🙂 A great product not only speaks for itself but others start talking about it as well. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser was introduced to me by another parent who’s kid had drawn all over their wall with crayon as well.

So, to put this into a personal marketing perspective, your product is tied to your productivity. What have you produced?


Take a moment and list your products. They will include the following:

  • Service Awards
  • Specialized Recognition
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Portfolio of your best work
  • Organizations in which you are an ACTIVE member
  • Quality References
  • Measurable performance that exceeds expectations

This list of merchandise is what you have produced. Your work should speak for itself. Your logo has caught their attention and now your product should blow them away.

Did you notice throughout the first two levels you have not said a word?


Have you ever noticed how every few years a company will revamp and existing product line to make it better. You have seen the labels. New and Improved, New Taste and Same Great Taste New Label.  This is a companies way of retaining your attention, getting buy in, and hopefully build loyalty. You have heard the saying, “Out with the old in with the new.” Now take this same approach for your personal marketing strategy.

Here’s is how to revamp your product:

  • Learn a new skill.
  • Become a Subject Matter Expert in your line of work.
  • Elevate your performance in your current role.
  • Expand your responsibilities voluntarily.
  • Take on new projects and challenges.
  • Assume a position of leadership. (Team captain, event coordinator, motivator)

Build a case for yourself based upon your works not your words. Perfect the product!

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