Skinny and Unhealthy: My Reality Check

by Frank

Skinny and UnhealthyI just wanted $200.

I didn’t come in here for your results, or your concerns, or your warnings. I came to this health screening as an obligation to get a free payday from my employer.

There is no way in the world I can be skinny and unhealthy.

Yet, even with all of my disbelief, the charts don’t lie. My blood pressure is high. My cholesterol is startling. If I don’t make a change soon, I won’t have to be concerned about $200. There is the whole eternity thing that I would be dealing with first hand.

Who knew you could be skinny and unhealthy?

I sure as heck didn’t. I guess the days of eating 3 egg omelets with four pieces of bacon and a half of stick of butter are gone. Just thinking about that right now makes my chest hurt. Gone are the days of double bacon cheeseburgers with extra bacon dipped in fry grease for flavor. I can no longer indulge in the pleasures of half a carton of ice cream and the flavorful fat the hangs off a piece of steak. This stuff will kill me.

Eating crap like this is probably on of the biggest reasons I am skinny and unhealthy.

I always thought that my high metabolism was a blessing. I figured I could eat my way through life never having to worry about gaining a pound. Sadly, although I didn’t pack on the pounds, I have learned that my arteries are just a little bit thicker, my heart works a little bit harder, and my lungs can’t endure like they used to.

Even though I am skinny, I am unhealthy. I got a serious reality check.

It was all about appearances. On the outside, I look like the picture of health. I could be a underwear model with this chiseled physique of mine. 🙂 When people see me, they don’t see that at any moment I could be taking my last breath. People can’t tell that I am slowly dying on the inside. I was hiding unhealthy habits and behaviors behind a smile and a small frame.

The eye opening thing about this experience is that I am not alone. I am not the only person who hiding behind appearances. I started to notice the mother who smiles in front of her children and cries her self to sleep because she is overwhelmed with the challenges of life.

I saw straight  through the guy in the expensive suit and witnessed the pain in his eyes and he contemplated the debt that he has amassed keeping up with the Jones. I carefully observed the wonderful family picture with all the smiling faces and noticed the parents who were on the brink of divorce.

This is a your reality check! Don’t get caught up in appearances. It’s time to start dealing with the real underlying issues.

If you don’t want to take my advice, please don’t be alarmed at the results of your tests. You can’t do whatever you want and ignore the consequences of your actions. Life is too short to be living it with a small frame stuffing your face with garbage.

You can be skinny and unhealthy!

Look deeper than what you see and display on the outside. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Deal with it before it’s too late.

I have so much more to say, but I got to hit the gym. This cholesterol isn’t going to lower itself. Take care of yourself, your family and your life at all costs!

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