Stories About Building Character

Building character is a lifelong process. Character defines who we are and how we behave in all matter of circumstances. The aspects of character are related to important traits like patience, resourcefulness, trustworthiness, integrity, effort, organization, perseverance, and problem solving. Do you sometimes give up when things give tough? Have you ever found your self not patient enough to wait for things to come to pass? Have you been overlooked for opportunities because someone felt you didn’t possess all of the necessary qualities? If so, these stories are just for you. Each and everyone of us have an area in which we can improve and the inspirational and inspiring stories about building character found on this page can help.

Could You Take The Path Less Traveled?

Sometimes in this maze we call life it is so difficult to determine what path we should take. Each and every road that we travel on is leading us to a different destination. One can take you to the cheese another can lead you to the trap. So, how in the world are you to determine which one to take?

The Peace

Imagine there being a fork in your road of life. The path to the right is full of light, life, and perfect weather. The sun is gracefully kissing the ground before you and every step you take seems to be illuminated by the reflection from the stone path. The aroma of sweet and colorful flowers massages your nostrils relaxing you with every breath you inhale. It looks and feels like you would be walking through paradise.

The Storm

The path to the left is dark, filled with dead trees, and there is a thunderstorm ravaging the terrain. There is just a trail of grey sand to guide you through the rotting vegetation. Each and every breath you inhale brings you closer to vomiting as the retched scent of mold and decay ravage your nasal cavities. Thunder drowns out the sounds of falling limbs from dying trees. There is no sign of life but you standing tall in chaos.Which path would you take?

A simple question deserves a simple answer, right? Not quite.

The Issue

Burned Food: A Story of Building Confidence

Let’s just say that cooking has not always been my thing. I burned food. I used to be the guy at the butt of all the..

Life Lesson: Washing The Dishes

My wife says that I always make a mess. I might not agree with her but then again to some degree she might..

Going Forward: What I Learned From Pro-Football

I love football. It is by far my favorite sport to watch. Football is a game of centimeters

Patience: The Haircut Story

I cut my son’s hair. Let me set the premise of the rest of this story. I am not a barber. To make things more interesting, my son

You Can’t Hide Forever

In 2001 one of the most horrifying terrorist attacks that took place on American soil was permanently etched into the minds of the people who..

He Fell For It

This week I actually tricked one of my fellow bloggers Mr. John Sherry into believing I could write. That’s right! I tricked him. He has given me the…

It’s Easy To Be A Winner When You’re Winning

But what about when you lose?Being a winner is not just about when everything goes your way and you get the results..

Patience Is A Virtue

I have recently joined a basketball league and last nights game was a real nail biter. It was down to the wire. We were down by 40 with 2:00

What Language Does Your Body Speak

Language is a complex system of symbols and sounds used to articulate a statement of fact or emotion. There are over..

Time To Make A Change

The most valuable commodity that people have is not their car, their home, their 401k, or even their children (don’t tell my wife I said that). The most..

Do I Look Like I Care?

So many times in my life I have focused on developing different aspects of my life to try to become a better more well rounded individual.

Is There Mud On My Face?

I can remember when I was a snotty nosed, rebellious, little kid and I enjoyed rolling around in the mud. Not only did I like the

Well What Can I Say

Is Modesty a lost art? Have all of the people in the current era been trained to boast? Sometime I just stop and think of the most influential..

100 and Something Dollars!

A few years ago, in the middle of the night, I was watching a show called “Maximum Exposure” aka Max X. It is a viral video

Just Throw Something At It

In the middle of the night on a hot summer day I was lying comfortably in my bed having a nightmare. It was just your typical scary

You First

I had a long hard day. Work was horrible. It was so busy and everyone I talked to today was so upset. Not to mention I left my wallet at home..

Are You Better or Bitter?

Recently, I heard a viscous rumor. This respectable and intelligent young man had the nerve to tell me that test and trials come in our life to..

I Will Kill You..

WITH KINDNESS Man, last week was a really challenging week. I don’t know if there was a bulls-eye on my back or a kick me sign that I just..

Do You Trust Me?

In America, we used to have something known as the honor system. If someone gave you their word, they would do just what they said they would